10 people who have changed their body to the extreme

Body transformations due to plastic surgery have become commonplace nowadays.Celebrities resort to such operations to refine their face and body features. But some people who have changed their body have gone too far.

We all have heard about Ken’s “dolls” and Barbie in flesh and bones. Well, these are not unique cases.

Some turn to become vampires in real life. Others want to look like the villain Red Skull, a character in the Marvel comic series.

We present you in this article ten such people who have changed their bodies and violated the accepted social norms. They have gone through extreme transformations of the body to become “the true ones themselves”.

The results obtained by these men who have changed their body are shocking

1. People who have changed their body – “The cat on the verge”


Dennis Avner is one of those people who have changed their body to the extreme. He was born in 1958 in Michigan. Dennis began to tattoo his body in the 1980s because of his affinity for tigers.

He said his passion for changing his appearance came from his belief in an old tradition of Wyandot Americans. Dennis grew up in a tribe and said a quack asked him to change his shape to a tiger.

The first artist to paint Avner was Larry Hanks. But most of Avner’s body changes were made by Arizona artist Steve Haworth.

Avner suffered more than 14 changes. These include subdermal facial implants, which have changed the shape of the eyebrows, forehead and root of the nose.

Changes have been made to flatten the nose with septum relieving and silicone injections into the lips, cheeks and chin. He broke up his lip, stuffed his teeth, and put on a dental crown.

By surgical means, he gave a sharp shape to his ears and elongated his ear lobes. Avner has also installed transdermal implants on his forehead to facilitate wearing mustaches.

He used to wear green contact lenses with split iris and a robotic queue. On November 5, 2012, Dennis died alone in his garage.

Shannon Larratt, the founder of BMEzine, made public a post in which he claimed he had committed suicide.

2. People who have changed their body – “The lizard man”

Erik Sprague is known for his body changes. These include sharpening teeth and a tattoo that mimics the green scales, like a lizard, all over the body.

He has subdermal implants, a bifurcated tongue and green lips. It lasted for years until Sprague made all of his extreme body changes.

His whole body is tattooed with green scales, which took about 700 hours. His tongue is surgically bifurcated. He brushed his teeth and had subdermal implants in his eyebrows.

The best result of his transformation is that he was able to build a career based on his reptilian skin. He went to the tournaments as an artist in shows with weirdness.

He specialized in numbers like hanging body piercings, swallowing swords, and losing a huge corkscrew in the head.

“The Lizard Man” holds the world record for lifting and towing the biggest weight with the piercings in his ears. Erik Sprague has turned a 16-pound beer barrel several times.

3. People who have changed their body – “Enigma”

Paul Lawrence , known as “Enigma,” began to tattoo his body in 1992. “Ms. Tiger” Katzen, with whom he married and later divorced, worked on his tattoos.

One of the extreme changes she has made is to implant her horns at the forefront. It has changed its shape and has many piercings.

But the most notable part of his transformation is the tattoo of the shape of a puzzle that covers it from head to toe. As an artist, Lawrence was a founding member of the Jim Rose Circle.

He went on touring with his ex-wife, Katzen, and sang and performed under the name of “Human Wonders”. Lawrence has also had numerous appearances in traditional media, in films and shows such as “X Files” and “Penn & Teller: Bullshit!”

He also appeared in the movie “Firecracker” and the video for “Fallen Leaves” by Billy Talent.

4. People who have changed their body – Lucky Diamond Rich

Lucky Diamond Rich or simply Lucky Rich is a New Zealand man who holds the record of being “the most tattooed man in the world.” Tattoos cover the whole body, including the mouth, the inside of the eyelids, the ears and the foreskin.

In 2006, he entered the Book of Records because he had 99.99% of the body surface tattooed. Being a child, Rich (Gregory Paul McLaren) was fascinated by men and women with many tattoos.

His interest became passion after he made his first tattoo – a jangle stick on his thigh. After he began to tattoo, he did not stop until every crevass and intimate area of ​​the body was covered.

Most of her tattoos are black. But he also has some unique tattoos with white ink. One such unique tattoo is the word “Karma,” written along the neck.

He even added other colors over existing tattoos. It took over a thousand hours for tattoos to be made. Hundreds of artists worked on them.

Lucky Rich earns her existence as a street artist and through her participation in international art festivals. Its numbers include swallowing and juggling with different objects while staying in balance on a monocicle.

5. People who have changed their body – “Tiger Lady”


Katzen is an artist whose tattoos are tiger-themed. When she was only five, Katzen dreamed she was covered with tiger stripes.

When she asked her mother if she could do a tattoo, she said, “Wait until you’re 18 years old.” Katzen has tattoos all over his body.

More than 227 tattoo artists worked on drawings. At one time, 23 tattoo artists worked at the same time on her tattoos.

The pain was so intense that Katzen faded twice during the procedure. Besides the numerous tattoos, Katzen also wore tiger whiskers.

The mustaches were attached to her face with piercings. He gave up the mustaches after he had been carrying them for 14 years because he had begun to have “distortions of the field of vision.”

Katzen was married to “Enigma”. He collaborated with him at a musical show called “Human Wonders”. After divorcing from Enigma, Katzen married another man, but this relationship did not work either.

Now, Katzen is working in a tattoo salon in Austin, Texas. She also claims an artistic number for “999 Eyes Freakshow”.

6. People who have altered their body – “Sexless Extraterrestrials”

This man , who wants an alien, has gone through over 100 operations. These include 35 full body and face laser treatments, 12 implants in cheeks, two eyebrow implants, 15 lip implants and ten wrinkle implants.

He also went through six botox implant sessions, five nose surgeries, five facial debosses, and 20 cryo-facial procedures. To be even more out of the ordinary, he wears black and large contact lenses and dabs his hair in shimmering colors.

Vinny’s next plan is to remove her nipples, navel and genitals to become “like a white cloth.” And, despite the warnings received from the doctors, she is determined to go through the genital organ removal.

According to his own statements, Vinny Ohh needs this to become “the real himself”.

7. People who have changed their body – “Mrs. Vampire”

Maria Jose Cristerna has four children. 90% of her body is covered with tattoos. It was modified with subcutaneous implants.

Known as “Mrs. Vampire,” she has a total of 49 body changes. He has titanium horns embedded in the skull and tines implanted in the gums to make the appearance of a vampire.

Mary began to change her body after she found the courage to leave her husband who abused her. He was married to him for ten years.

But, beyond the facade of the interesting aspect, Mary is a loving mother. She is also a lawyer, and women in the neighborhood respect her and come to her for advice.

“Mrs. Vampir” takes advantage of her image in the media and challenges the authorities to solve the problems women are going through in the community.

8. People who have changed their body – “Superman”

Herbert Chavez fell in love with Superman when he was only five years old. His love turned into an obsession and spent 300,000 pesos (about 5,000 euros) to become a superman in real life.


Since 2013, he holds the world record for the largest collection of superman-related items.It counts 1,253 objects.

Chavez says it’s hard to get up to people’s expectations when it comes to a real-life superhero. His body needs permanent “maintenance”.

In addition to the 19 operations he has already done, Chavez plans to improve his look with even more surgery. He wants to become taller and grow his muscles on the abdomen and sit.

But he is willing to stop if his doctor advises him.

9. People who have changed their body – Luis Padron

Luis Padron is a fanatic of the fantasy genre who dreams of becoming an elf in real life.Luis became obsessed with the fantasy world after the children were beaten when he was young.

He spent more than $ 47,000 on procedures like cheek liposuction, rhinoplasty, hair removal, Botox, and implants to make his appearance.

His latest operation cost $ 12,000 and was designed to give her the distinct, heart-shaped hair line present in many images of elves and vampires.

He has planned up to $ 80,000 in future operations. These include turning the teeth into a tangled teeth, sharp ears, a diamond-shaped jaw line, reducing the visibility of Adam’s apple and lifting the eyes to make them look like cats.

10. People who have changed their body – “Red Skull”



Henry Damon cut his nose to resemble the Marvel comic stripper named Red Skull. It also has subdermal implants in the forehead.

Henry’s surgeon revealed that he now prefers the world to call him Red Skull. He said that the man (who is married and has children) went through heavy physical and psychological tests to be ready to be operated.

The next step for Henry, or Red Skull, will be to make silicone implants in his cheeks. He plans to tattoo his face in order to complete his transformation into the villain Marvel.

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