10 wonders of nature that few people have come to know

The Grand Canyon, the Everest Peak or the Great Barrier Reef are undoubtedly the wonders of nature. They are so famous that any man passionate about the beauties of the surrounding world has heard of them.

But, besides these wonderful places, there are others, as spectacular, but much less famous. In this article we invite you to discover ten miracles of nature less well-known, but absolutely fascinating.

1. Erg Chebbi – Morocco

Erg Chebbi is located in the Sahara Desert, Moroccan territory. Here you can admire the amazing spectacle created by the sand dunes that are swept by the winds, which translate into another world.

The dunes stretch along 22 kilometers and some of them reach a height of 150 meters. It is believed that the sands heal the pain, so the Moroccans come every year here and bury up to the throat in the hot sands.

2. Bryce Canyon – USA

Everyone has heard of the Grand Canyon, but many people have not heard of Bryce Canyon yet. Despite the name, Bryce is not a real canyon, but rather a collection of natural amphitheaters.

Frost and water erosion created the bizarre pillars for which the canyon is so famous.

3. Wonders of Nature – Pantanal – Brazil

Pantanal is the largest swamp in the world. In addition to the superb scenery, the Pantanal shelters some amazing (and weird) wild life forms, such as the giant rodents and giant ant.

4. Playa Ostional – Costa Rica

Each year, Playa Ostional Beach is invaded by thousands of turtles. The area is one of the few mating areas for these rare turtles.

That’s why Playa Ostional was declared a national park.

5. Blue Lagoon – Iceland

The waters of this superb geothermal lagoon have a temperature that varies between 37 and 39 degrees Celsius. Laguna, one of the most spectacular wonders of nature, was formed as a result of a lava flow.

Mineral rich waters are beneficial in treating skin diseases such as psoriasis. The lagoon is natural, but at its filling with water also contributes a nearby thermal power plant.

6. Wonders of nature – Valle de la Luna – Chile

If you find yourself in the Valle de la Luna, you might think you have landed miraculously on the moon ! The impressive variety of textures and colors (formed by water and wind) and dry lakes that look like craters give it an ethereal aura.

7. Colca Canyon – Peru

The Colca Canyon is twice as deep as the Grand Canyon of the United States of America.Here live people who cultivate steep terraces before the Inca civilization.

Here are numerous archeological and cultural attractions, as well as many spa centers for those who want to fortify their health by submerging in the underground waters.

8. Wai-o-Tapu – New Zealand

Wai-o-Tapu is one of New Zealand’s most beautiful thermal landscapes. Every step you can see a wonder, from geysers to amazingly colored lakes and muddy pools.

The “champagne pool” is probably the most important attraction, surrounded by an orange ring.

9. Jiuzhaigou Valley – China

In Chinese, “Jiuzhaigou” means “nine villages”. The valley has this name due to the nine Tibetan villages that are here. The valley is full of beautiful rivers and lakes and is surrounded by snow covered mountains.

The area deserves to be included in the list of wonders of nature.

10. Tsingy de Bemaraha – Madagascar

Amazing limestone formations found at Tsingy de Bemaraha gave the name of this region of Madagascar . Formations are known as “tsingy” in the indigenous dialect.

Besides stunning formations, there are virgin mangrove forests and an amazing variety of animals and birds.

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