13 = 6

Disclaimer: This post is based on imagination, ie similarities in countries, names and systems are coincidental.


In the 1984 novel by George Orwell, this idea is explored in Winston’s mind – the hero of the story –


“It is possible in the end to declare the party that two and two are equal to five! You will have to believe it. The party will make this claim sooner or later. Because the logic of his position necessitates it. The party’s philosophy was not only to deny the validity of the experiment! But it is a subtle denial of the existence of the apparent truth. Therefore, the greatest innovation is common sense. What was terrifying was not the possibility of killing them with the intention of thinking otherwise, but in the possibility that they were right! How can we know that two and two are equal to four? Or can we be sure of the force of gravity? Or is the past immutable? If both the past, the outside world exist only in our minds, and if we can control our minds – what is the result of all this? ”


When Oceania declared war on its allied state, the ruling party wanted to change the past. This is one of the functions of an organ of the government of Oceania. This is called the news and information agency of the Ministry of Truth. Its task is to correct historical documents to conform to the ruling party’s point of view. As in 1984 and in a parallel world, citizens of states woke up to a “new past” that states that a neighboring state is in fact a state of enemy states, and has instructed a counselor to change the facts or rewrite a parallel history of intrigues, conspiracies and attempted assassinations.


Just as there are three principles underpinning the Ingsoc doctrine of the ruling party headed by the big brother who loves all:


War is peace
Freedom is slavery
Ignorance is power

The media campaign against the besieged state seemed to be based on these three principles. The blockade for the people of the besieged state and this cruelty is the cruelty of bitter medicine for healing. This amputation saves the body, the body of the nation. The desired freedom, and the desired safety is in the collective ignorance of pardon collective destiny, although this negates any sovereignty of the besieged state. Freedom here lies in obedience to the will of others, and individual freedom depends on collective will. There is no need to follow up on the information of the besieged state or any media present on its soil. The ignorance here of the view of the hosts gives strength and prevents confusion and confusion and ask more questions.


According to the new past, there was a list of demands that were announced and delivered to implement a 10-day time-limit, which is not negotiated, and that these demands are implemented. The international community has criticized the arbitrariness of these conditions and the criticism of some of the demands that directly collide with universal principles such as freedom of expression and sovereignty has become more acute. The citizens of the countries of siege were awakened again, on six more general principles and implicitly contained the 13 conditions.

As the ruling party in Oceania justifies that 2 + 2 = 5, the media in these countries inform citizens of the fact that 13 = 6 and this quote from the Ministry of Truth or similar in our world “that the list of demands containing 13 points is never waived at all as ministers Foreign Ministry at the press conference. He explained that the items mentioned in the statement represent a broad line on the besieged state committed to implement the 13 demands. “The items that the minister mentioned in the statement are the principles underlying the demands made by the four countries. But the demands are more detailed ”

It seems that the fine thread separating our world and the world of the novel has been cut off, and the two worlds are mixed together, where it is difficult for you to distinguish between them. There is only a wish in my mind that there is someone in Oceania who writes in his book what Winston wrote:

“Freedom is the freedom to say that two and two are equal to four, and if so, everything else goes in its proper course.”



Note: The names are not placed in this text, because the Ministry of Truth adviser will change the facts again, and there will be a new past again to another state. There is no point in seeking documentation.

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