17-year-old Avni is teaching self-defense tricks for the needy girls free!

Avani Bharti Self Defence class

.New Delhi: To teach a lesson to the Manchals, only 17-year-old Avni wants to teach ‘self-defense’ to all the girls in the country If you ever go to the slums of East Delhi and you get some girls training in Taekwondo, do not be surprised. Under this campaign, these girls who live in the slum do not have any training under any other scheme but Avni Bharati. Avani teaches girls to avoid those pleasures, who do not bother to interfere with girls.

At the age where children spend their time playing and jumping, Avani begins to excite her sweat in the field. Just 4-year-old Avani took his focus in Taekwondo and got Black Belt in 2010. Avni made the biggest decision of Zidagi when she thought why her talent should be delivered to those needy girls, which is the most needed. Such girls who remain silent in the absence of money or because of any other reason, from Self-Defense Art like Taekwond.

After this Avani went to the slum dwellers and started teaching taekwondo. Avani believes that there is a great reason behind rap and flirting, lack of illiteracy in the society and their parents’ awareness of girls. Avni visited the slum area and met people and explained to them how important it is for girls to learn self-defense for their safety. Many people did not like this thing, most people living in the slum, because they said that they do not want to send their girls out of the house because the atmosphere of the slum is very bad.

Avni says that people living in the slums were doing a good job that they were sending their children to school. Then went to the schools where these girls who were living in the slum used to study. Talking to the teachers there they took them and asked them to talk to the girls’ parents about it. This idea of ​​Avani went on and the girls of some girls got ready to send their girls to the training. As Avani started training girls, in the same way she came to Confidence and the number of girls increased. Today, some 100 girls of Trilokpuri slum have been taught the tricks of self-defense.

Avni believes about her future plans, that her efforts are to reach every girl who does not know what is a self-defense and if she knows, then she is not learning because of some reason. Those girls are taken to the point where they do not look back, and when the biggest thing comes out of the house, do not bend the head but walk up the head.


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