Indoor Games vs Outdoor Games

इंडोर गेम्स बनाम आउटडोर गेम्स Indoor Games Vs Outdoor Games in Hindi

Indoor Games vs Outdoor GamesIn this article, we will tell you about Indoor Games and Outdoor Games Indoor Games Vs Outdoor Games in Hindi. Everyone likes playing sports. Playing sports not only exercises the body, but also entertains. Sports are very important for the physical development of children. Also we will tell you the names of some indoor games and outdoor games.
Indoor Games (Games played indoors)
Some Major Indoor Sports Examples

Card games
Board games
Musical chair
Pillow game
Table tennis

Features of Indoor Games Benefits of Indoor Games in Hindi
1. No weather effect

Games played indoors are not affected by the weather. Children and adults can enjoy them too.
2. Less space needed

Indoor games require less space. Whereas outdoor games require open and large space. One can easily play indoor games indoors.

3. Less chance of injury

All indoor games are safe and the chance of injury is slim.
4. Can choose as career

Currently, children can make a wonderful career in indoor games too. Chess, table tennis, badminton, boxing, basketball, bowling are many such games in which you can earn a name and money by performing well. Viswanathan Anand of India is very famous in the field of chess.
5. Suitable for Business

Until a few years ago, outdoor games gave more business than indoor games, but at present the importance of indoor games has increased a lot. Now many international level competitions are held on indoor games. The IAAF World Indoor Championships will next be held in 2020.
6. Less labor required

Indoor games require less labor to play. Many games like carrom, chess, Ludo can be played by sitting. The player does not have to work too hard.

Outdoor Games (Games played outside)
Examples of Some Major Outdoor Sports

Hyde & Sneak
Kho kho

Features of Outdoor Games Benefits of Outdoor Games in Hindi
1. Requires more space

Games played outside require large space. Most people play such games on the streets of their street locality. There are big parks and stadiums in cities where people can go and play their favorite sports like cricket, hockey, football, volleyball, basketball.

2. Suitable for health and fitness

You must also know that outdoor games are very beneficial for health. The advantage of playing in a big place is that the player plays the game by moving in a large area.

Which makes his exercise well. All parts of the body move. It also makes the muscles strong. Children also grow faster by playing outside games. His brain also develops rapidly. That is why children are asked to play outdoor games.
3. weather affected

One of the drawbacks of spring sports is that it is not possible to play outside when the weather is bad when there is rain, strong sun, heat, heat, etc., whereas any kind of game can be played in indoor games.

Games like cricket, football, tennis have to be stopped when it rains. In the ongoing International Cricket World Cup 2019 also many matches had to be stopped due to bad weather and rain.
4. More prone to injury

Outdoor games are played in large and open spaces outside the home. Players also have to run in it. So many times players get hurt. In sports like cricket, football, honky, chances of injury are very high.
5. Can choose as career

Outdoor games can be chosen as a career. By performing well in these sports, the player can get fame at national and international level. By performing in competition like World Cup, Olympics, Common Wealth, a player can not only earn good money, but can also earn name and fame.

The player can also brighten the name of his country. Outdoor games are more likely to make a career than indoor games.

6. Make good friends with outdoor games

The advantage of playing outdoor games is that many of you become good friends. When you go out of the house and play sports like cricket football, you get to know many people. You also get some good friends.
7. Suitable for Business

Outdoor games are perfect for business. The World Cup is organized for many outdoor games, which are organized by an international level organization. Teams from many countries of the world come and play cricket, football and other sports in the event of World Cup. The winner gets a big prize.

In this type of international level competitions, spectators come to watch the game with tickets, which gives a lot of revenue. It can be said that the outdoor games are perfect for business.
8. Requires more labor

The player has to work very hard to play outdoor games. He has to run, in which he sweats a lot. In outdoor games, players get tired quickly. Whereas in indoor games the player is less tired.

9. Necessary for socialization of children

Children are socialized by playing outdoor games. They learn to talk and behave with other children. Outdoor games are very essential for any child. Children learn new social values ​​by playing games with other children.

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