5 amazing technologies that could become widely available in the near future

Researchers are working on many stunning technologies that seem to be framed from SF movies, but they are as real as they can. From lab-created meat to the substance that allows you to live without breathing, many will be possible in the near future due to biotechnology.

Science that develops or creates products that involve living organisms and biological systems is called biotechnology. It sounds pretentious, but to better understand what the aspirations are, let’s remember the cloning of the missing species in the Jurassic Park movie or the concept of mutation in the X-Men movies.

But the biotechnology findings presented in this article have nothing to do with fiction.Here are five very promising examples of inventions.

1. Amazing technologies: Eye drops that make night vision possible

amazing technologies

The nocturnal concept sounds good. But what if we could benefit from this without wearing external devices? A California biohacker team called “Science for the Masses” has created a night vision method that lets you see in the dark up to a distance of 48 meters.

“Chlorhe 6 (Ce6)”, a kind of chlorophyll analogue, which was used by the team as saline solution for the eye. This analog is sometimes found in some deep-sea fish, and is used to treat cancer and night-time drowsiness.

The drops created by the group influence the way the retinal cells in the retina work in the dark. Jeffrey Tibbetts, a member of the Science for Mass Team, volunteered to get 50 microliters of this solution.

After an hour, the effects were felt and Tibbetts could identify objects and people in the dark with 100% accuracy. Those whose retina had not been treated with drops were successful in only 33% of cases.

2. Amazing technologies: Algae panels that generate electricity

amazing technologies

When we think of algae, most of us can not imagine they could be used to generate electricity. Those from Arup, in association with Splitterwerk, have decided to do amazing thing with algae.

The BIQ House in Hamburg is the first building in the world to incorporate biomass into glass panels that generate heat and energy. The same panels act as barriers to sound and light.

Sunlight makes bioreactors grow faster, providing shade when needed. These bioreactors also capture solar heat, which can then be used as a source of energy.

Biomass can be transformed into biogas, which can be used to provide energy to the building, to heat up water supplies, and heat the entire structure. It is a sustainable, futuristic and multifunctional architectural ecosystem.

3. Stunning technologies: Meat raised in the laboratory will come to haunt

Many embrace vegetarianism, even if they like the taste of the meat, because they can not bear the thought of slaughtering animals. But what if you could eat meat without the animals being affected?

Several companies – including Mosa Meat, Memphis Meat, Finless Foods and SuperMeats – create meat from cell cultures. This meat is called “clean meat”.

Beef, pork, poultry and fish are some of the types of meat companies are trying to produce. And the list is not exhaustive.

Scientists say this “clean meat” will reduce the environmental costs involved in meat production, because resources will be needed to generate and support only the cells grown, not the whole animal.

Meat is obtained by collecting stem cells from the animal’s muscular tissue and multiplying cells into muscle-forming fibers. For example, a sample from a cow can produce 80,000 hamburgers.

In the coming years, “clean meat” will be put on the market when scientists can produce it at a price and with a taste that is competitive with the meat consumed today globally.

4. The microparticle elixir that allows you to live without breathing

amazing technologies


Boston Children’s Hospital scholarsStaying alive without breathing may seem pure fiction, but the  have turned this idea into reality. They developed a microparticle-filled elixir that takes oxygen to a person’s cells for half an hour even if the person does not breathe.

These microparticles are, in fact, a thin layer of lipids containing a small oxygen bubble and that can be injected into the bloodstream as a liquid solution. The lipids have a surface large enough to carry oxygen and allow the exchange of oxygen and are small enough not to block the capillaries in the human body .

Elixir was tested on animals, and it was noticed that, as the air did not reach the lungs at all, the animals could remain alive for 15 minutes. In humans, the elixir can be used for 30 minutes.

This incredible invention could save many lives and reach hospitals, helping in emergencies in the future and giving doctors more time for critical procedures.

5. A company sells live bacteria that can be sprayed on your skin instead of taking a shower


Give it to those who do not like showering! AOBiome, a start-up from Cambridge, Massachusetts, has developed a tonic with bacteria that provide the sensation and taste of water, but it contains billions of strains of Nitrosomonas eutropha, a bacterium that oxidizes ammonia and is usually found in dirty water.

Scientists at the biotech start-up say that this bacterium once lived on people’s skin before we started using soap to cleanse ourselves. They claim that the bacteria act as a cleaner, as a deodorant and was a plus for immunity because it fed with ammonia from our sweat and turned it into nitric oxide and nitrite.

Nitrosomonas eutropha should be kept at low temperatures. The company hopes to sell this live bacterium as a “cosmetic product”. It is based on the idea that the use of rough chemicals in the form of soaps and shampoos has disrupted the natural microbial from our skin.

This has led to more problems because good bacteria have been removed from the skin, while harmful bacteria have thrived. Nitrosomonas eutropha is a friendly method to the environment and skin, a method by which we can keep ourselves clean, according to AOBiome.

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