5 hostile places where people should not live, but they do

As the famous astrophysicist Neil Degrasse Tyson once said, “the tenacity of life is truly amazing.” Regardless of the circumstances, life finds a way to affirm.

If we carefully study our planet, we see that there are many places where people, because of the harsh conditions, should not live. And yet, despite all the obstacles, life somehow finds a way there …

So, we present you five of the most hostile places in which people live.


1. Norilsk, the toxic city


The town of Norilsk in Russia is dangerous for two reasons. First, the city is extremely cold throughout the year.

But if the cold is not a problem for you, the pollution will surely take you away.


The air is extremely polluted because of the numerous factories in the area.


2. La Oroya, Peru


At Oroya, Peru, it is one of the most dangerous places in the world. The environment here is polluted with lead, copper and sulfur dioxide. 99% of the children living in the city have a very high amount of lead in the blood, and diseases are the order of the day.

Pollution is caused by the metallurgical industry in the area, which has been operating since 1992. According to a 1999 study, the average lead level was three times higher than the limit accepted by the World Health Organization.

And yet, even if lead emissions were low, lead would remain in the soil of La Oroya for hundreds of years.


3. Oimiakon, Russia


Russia is known for cold winters, and Oimiakon is one of the coldest places in the country. The average winter temperature drops to a shocking figure of minus 60 degrees Celsius.

Nearly 500 people live here, and everyone is confronted with some unusual problems, such as the fact that the ink from the pens is freezing due to the terrible frost.


4. Meghalaya, India


Meghalaya is also known as the “Cloudland”. This area is famous for the huge amount of rain that falls on it every year.

The rains fall hard throughout the year and the few people living here have changed their diet, clothes and culture according to weather conditions.


5. Dallol, Ethiopia


Dallol is located in one of the world’s most dangerous regions , Outside Depression. Also in Dallol is the world’s lowest altitude terrestrial volcano.

In this area, the temperature constantly exceeds 40 degrees Celsius throughout the year.The only way to travel to this area is camels.

At one point, Dallol functioned as a mining town, but the mines closed in the meantime.Currently, only a small number of people continue to live in the area.

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