7 frightening creatures living in the abyss of the oceans

From multicolored fish to the huge blue whales, ocean waters are full of fascinating creatures. Some are so interesting that they are artificially created on the computer.Others, like jellyfish, delight in their movements of perfect elegance.

Among the marine life are also creatures that can give you nightmares. They look more like horror movies and you probably do not want to meet them.

Discover seven marine creatures in this article that will give you creeps.


1. Grimpoteuthis


Deep-water octacles have an average of 20 centimeters in length. But there are exceptions: the largest is 1.78 meters long and weighs 7.2 kilograms.


2. Collar shark


Cataloged as a living fossil, this rarely seen shark lives in the depths of the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans.

This sinister creature swallows up its entire prey, twisting its body like a snake.


3. Uranoscopes


These fish have both eyes and mouth on top of the head and look really scary. They camouflage burying themselves in the sand, where they attack their prey.


4. The fish without the face


This frightening fish has no face but just mouth and nostrils. But given the great depth of life he does not need any eyes anyway.


5. Deep Sea lizard fish


Sharpened teeth like the blade and dark eyes of this fish can scare anyone. However, you should not be scared – even if you are diving, you will not meet this fish.

He lives at depths between 900 and 2,400 meters .


6. Fish without body


This fish is famous for his funny look. He lives in the waters of Australia and New Zealand.

His body is a gelatinous mass, with a density slightly less than that of water. That allows him to float above the ocean floor without consuming energy.


7. Viper fish


Despite its small size (33 centimeters), this fish has a terrifying appearance. His body is covered with organs that emit light signals.

They help these fish to find each other in the depths of the ocean.

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