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Let’s Know the Benefits and Losses of Television Advantages and Disadvantages of Television in Hindi

Do you want to read essays on the benefits and losses of television?
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Do you know that there should be a time to watch TV?

Day-to-day technology is increasing in home and living. As the field of technology is growing, man is getting many facilities. At the same time, the field of technology is gradually becoming harmful to humans. Today every television has taken place in every house and people use it most for entertainment. But do you know about the advantages and disadvantages of television?

Television has become the easiest medium of entertainment, but many people have made television a habit and because of this, this man has become a loss for life. Today we will tell you about the benefits and disadvantages of television in this post, so that you will be able to decide how good and how bad television is for you.
Benefits and Losses of Television Advantages and Disadvantages of Television in Hindi
Advantages of Television in Hindi







1. Best Function for Entertainment Best thing for Entertainment

Television is one of the best and cheapest entertainment in today’s modern era. Nowadays you can see good programs and entertainment serials for people of all ages in television. You will agree with me because there will hardly be a house in this day, in which there will be no television. Whether you have children or old age, you can watch different types of channels on TV.

My daughter who is just 3 years old is very good to see a cartoon channel and Papa likes to watch cricket or comedy shows. There is no doubt that TV has become the easiest medium of entertainment for people of all ages.
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2. The time elapsed easily Pass Pass the Free Time Easily

For those who are on vacation or who are now at home on retirement, it is very difficult to spend free time. This is such a good tool for those people to spend television free time. Women who work at home spend their time after cooking or watching their favorite serial in their free time. Television helps in removing the mental tension from their day-to-day work.
3. Get information from around the world

Through television, we get all the information from around the world and this gives us many kinds of knowledge. In this hectic world, when we are not able to keep complete knowledge about our neighbors, through the news on the television sitting in the house, we are learning about every news from our tribe to the state, and from the state to the world. . Although we can read through the newsletters, radio and the internet, it is a different way of looking at television.
4. Mind relaxes Relax our Mind

It is also very important for people who are always busy working. In such a situation, after returning from their work, television is a great way for them to relax. People are always running behind night and day, but peace of mind is also important.

Some people are delighted to hear a movie or a song on television, while some people enjoy watching the reality show at night. After a day of surprise, TV gives comfort to the body and mind





5. Get to learn a lot People can Learn a Lot

People can learn a lot through television also. Many kinds of knowledge-enhancing programs are also telecasted on TV, so that both children and adults grow knowledge on many types of topics. Nowadays, too many new channels have been launched for school education, who prepare for the exams. On these channels you can prepare for the exam according to your subject sitting at home.

Knowledge of not just school education but cooking, sports, question-answer and science also gets through different channels. Not only the older children but the younger children also learn a lot from the children’s learning channels, so that they learn to play faster than the school.
6. Help in learning English Helps in English Language Learning

Learning English is not as easy for all people. But many people learn English very easily by watchin

g television. We should respect our national language Hindi, but we must also believe that it is very important to learn to speak English in today’s modern era. Today there are several types of English channels on television that you can easily learn to speak English in a few days.
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7. Spend time with Family

Televisions help the family to spend a lot of time together. At the time of the afternoon or night, when all the family members take time to relax a bit from their work, then the people of the family together watch TV, which is a good thing. Along with your rest of the work, the family should also give time in which the television is considered a good tool.
Disadvantages of Television in Hindi
1. Timing of time

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