All eyes to heaven: “A strange object in space is approaching Earth”

In the summer of 2017, a mysterious object whose origins are unknown will pass the second time to Earth. The enigmatic object moves at variable speed, slowing down and accelerating gradually, and has a luminosity and an outward orbit.

The object is known as 1991 VG and was discovered on November 6, 1991 by astronomer James Scotti. So far, nothing abnormal. Many celestial bodies are discovered and studied by astronomers every day. But this object does not resemble any other heavenly body analyzed so far.

1991 VG behaves strange

First, when it was discovered, it was only 10 meters in diameter and a heliocentric orbit somewhat similar to our planet and stretching to the edge of the Solar System. Normally, an object of this size should not move like this, say scientists. Another bizarre thing is that 1991 VG moves at variable speeds, accelerating and gradually decelerating unprecedented behavior to ordinary ceremonial bodies with constant speeds.

The mysterious 1991 VG has a Earth-like orbit.

Bizarrely, after rebuilding the original orbit of the object, the researchers realized that 1991 VG once passed Earth in March 1975. Again, it is abnormal behavior because asteroids do not survive both for a long time in space and do not remain on the same orbit, so it is quite unlikely that an asteroid passes by the Earth twice through the same place. Moreover, scientists have concluded that the object has a strange rotation, and its brightness varies over time.

Alien probe or rocket piece?

All these anomalies made it impossible to identify the nature of this object, and the researchers can not agree and can not propose a single theory about it.

“We have analyzed all the possibilities that 1991 VG is an object created by humans. There were a few spaceships or missiles, of which the 1991 VG could have broken out, but after we analyzed each of the hypotheses in part, we eliminated them all, “Scotti said, quoted by the Daily mail.

So the theories of 1991 VG are numerous and none can be confirmed or denied. Some claim that 1991 VG could be an alien probe sent to space to discover or monitor other life, others say it is just an empty fuel tank or a piece of the Apollo 12 mission missile. that by the summer of 2017, when the 1991 VG will pass by the Earth, we only want to speculate on the mysterious object.

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