Amitabh Bachchan’s best priceless statement

अमिताभ बच्चन के बेहतरीन अनमोल कथन Amitabh Bachchan Quotes in Hindi

Amitabh Bachchan’s best priceless statement

In this article of today, Amitabh Bachchan has described the best 51 priceless quotes – quotes. His thoughts inspire us in life so that we can achieve success.

Amitabh Bachchan’s best priceless statement

# ”Because you are a woman, people will try to impose their thinking and restrictions on you. They will tell you how to dress, how you should behave, besides they will tell you which person you can meet and which places you can go. Do not place yourself in the shadow of people’s thoughts. Make your own choices in light of your knowledge and intelligence. “

# “No person is complete, so he should always expect to receive criticism and welcome him.”


# ”I like when my stomach tickles, I like to go home and have a restless night in which I wonder how I could achieve all this and I get irritable because of that. That hunger and that tickling every creative person must feel inside themselves. “

# ”I live my life as normal and natural as I can. But when controversies hover over my head day and night, I am unable to do anything to avoid them. I sometimes get very surprised the way they appear to me. If I grow my beard too, it is printed on the editorial page of the Times of India newspaper the next day. “

# “I don’t spend too much time remembering the things that have passed. I remember them all, but I don’t understand any specific motive of looking back at them. “

# ”Rajiv Gandhi was the Prime Minister. We had a long-standing family relationship with him. He once asked me to contest the election, and I did it by obeying him. But as a politician I could not prove myself worthy and that is why I am never going back to that side now. “

# “Don’t let anyone believe that your character can be measured by the length of your skirt.”

# “I as a citizen ask you, is going to temple any kind of crime? And am I going to the temple to preach some kind of superstition, then only the whole country is promoting this superstition. “

# ”I went to the Parliament House and soon I came to know that there is no place for emotions in politics. It is a more complex and brainy game and I have no idea how it is played. “

# ”The coming together of people and communities should be viewed positively. When the views of different people connect with each other, then it is more positive than the personal views of one. “

# “In our life, we must have the art of singing and dancing; This is what we have before the rise of cinema in India. Our stories are based on social order, very much humanly connected. Our nation is a very emotional country. “

# “India is gaining recognition as a film-making nation, at the end, and at the most important places such as conferences of Western and far-flung eastern nations. “

# “I sometimes feel that I was born to invite many controversies to myself.”

# ”The audience changes because life changes. Countries change on geographical, climatic, social and moral grounds. Many events take place and cinema, in one form, shows the same events happening in the world. “

# ”I consider myself very fortunate that I have spent so much time in the film world and I have worked with many generations of filmmakers, artists and technical experts. You gather a lot of experience while watching people changing and changing topics. “

# “Everyone should accept that we all grow old and this will not always make you feel good.”

# ”I was born with fame. I was always known and recognized. Personally, it is quite normal for me. “

# ”I would like to believe that tomorrow will bring a new challenge for me. I am convinced that there is still a lot of work left for me to do, because there are still many things that are yet to be discovered. “

# “‘What will people say?’ This is the feeling that every girl grows up listening to.”

# ”I am thinking of going to Dubai recently because this is a good opportunity to talk to each other. We sit together and enjoy her with each other. We can take a walk at any time without worrying about any shooting schedule. “

# “I don’t know what other people think of me, but if I have to go through the abuses then I pass and if I have to stand in any line at the air port, then I have no objection.” “

# ”Frankly, I have never considered myself an icon, superstar etc. I have always seen myself as an artist, who wants to take his work to the peak of his ability. “

# ”Whenever I hire a person, first of all I tell him that I am a very weak person. “

# “Generally I am an artist who loves my work

Loves and all the news that is being made about my age, these are all limited to the media. “

# “These are rare moments in the life of an artist, when you are placed in an environment that is completely natural, that is why the acting done by that artist is also natural. “

# “I have never become a superstar nor do I believe in this.”

# “I feel that sooner or later, the hidden talent of India’s population, which is 125 crores, will come out and it will definitely attract the entertainment industry. “

# “I want to perform and test myself; I want the new energy of the young directors to join me and the artists also support me in this. “

# “This is a fighting situation, my body and one that has gone through a big hurdle.”

# “No” is a complete sentence in itself. No means nothing and when someone says this, it means that you should stop there at that moment. “

# “I feel like I get so attached to the theater, when I go on stage, play different roles, harmonize according to work, personality, people, situation and I think that’s my There was interest that pulled me in like movies. “

# ”Please tell me what it is to be an icon. How do you define it? I have never been given a script for this. I do not know what dialogues they are, which person would be considered an icon by speaking. “

# ”Foreigners have no idea of ​​India’s diversity and its culture. We hope to get them a closer look at this diversity. “

# ”I believe that it is important for artists to face a new challenge every day. For every creative person, this will be a terrifying moment when they say that they have completed the work they wanted to do. “

# “When I wake up in the morning, I have a task to do, which I go there to do, then come back home, spend time with my family, that’s all. “

# “Whatever I do, even if I succeed or I have to face criticism for it, it all depends on the audience to determine it.”

# “When I don’t write, I feel a weight on me.”

# “I entered politics with an emotional level and soon I realized that sentimentality has no place in politics.”

# “I am a self-aware citizen, if I ever come across an opportunity where I have to express my thoughts, I will do it happily. “

# ”I think every artist would like to have a little challenge left before them. I would consider myself creatively dead, if I say that I am satisfied now. “

# “I review myself as a performer in both films and television.”

# ”I believe that the biggest fear in any profession is the inability to do the job properly, and not meeting them according to the new challenges. Fear of not being accepted, especially when associated with creative arts. What if viewers stop liking you now! “

# ”Being a creative agency, the film industry is thinking about many good topics, and showcasing them quite well and every day it is giving opportunity to a new face. “

# ”I have nothing very special to achieve; I just don’t want to go in any one direction. I want to accept all the challenges that lie ahead in life. “

# ”I am grateful to all the directors and filmmakers who choose me for their film and I hope that I am able to do justice to the role they have given me in the film. “

# “Everyone wants to live more, but sometimes the body does not support.”

# ”I write my blog every day. I run Twitter and Facebook every day. Without delay of a single day. I do everything myself. I upload my photos myself, and sometimes I find my own videos and post them. “

# ”I believe that an artist should never be satisfied because there is always something new to do, something to do that is like giving you a challenge. “



# ”I do not like to use too many gadgets and I have a normal mobile phone. But I have more than one phone, because if the phone networks are not coming in some place, then I can use another phone instead. “

# ”I feel that just because of language, we are deprived of attracting a large audience of one world. But in Hindi cinema too, there is something that can divert the attention of the whole world. “

# “Very rarely I have got such an opportunity in which I can say the lines which I should have said even when I am not working in a film. “

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