Black hole is 3 million times bigger than Earth

Space scientists have released the first picture of the black hole. It is spread in the Galaxy around 4000 million and is 3 million times bigger than the Earth in size.

This photo event is taken from the Horizon Telescope, which is a network of eight telescopes.

Hanio Falke, the scientific professor associated with this project told the BBC that the black hole was found in the M87 Galaxy.

It is bigger than our solar system and weighing more than 650 crores from the sun in weight. This is the largest black hole in the universe.

In this picture a glow of fire is coming around the black hole. Professor Falke talks about it saying that these are very hot gases which fall into this black hole.

The black hole is more brighter than the cosmic cosmos of the universe. That’s why it could be seen through the telescope despite such a distance.

These pictures match exactly the definitions of science and the concept of black holes in many Hollywood movies.

Prof. Dr. Ziri Yansi, Professor of University College London, has also been a part of ETH collaboration. He says, “Black hole raises many complex questions related to space and nature, apart from this black hole is an issue related to our existence. It’s great that the black hole looks in the picture as it was in our definitions. It seems that Einstein was once again right. ”
Image caption M87 Galaxy

What happens to the black hole?

Black hole is such a part of the space through which nothing can pass. Even the light also disappears in it.

Unlike the name, this field is not empty, but it contains many types of substances that give very much gravitational force to its area.

Next to the black hole is an area of ​​space called event horizontal. Anything that goes beyond it will never come back.

Pro. The idea of ​​receiving a picture of Black Hole in Phalke’s mind came when he was a PhD student in 1993.

At that time no one thought that it would be possible to get a picture of a black hole. But Prof. Phalke was the first person to feel this.

They thought that one type of radio emission would be generated around the black hole, which would be intense to see that it could be seen from the telescope.

They recall that in the year 1973, they had read a paper. According to which the black hole looks 2.5 times its size.

After 20 years of hard work, Falcke found the fund for this project from European Research Council.








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