Brihadeeswarar Temple: 9 Amazing facts related to the wonders of India

Brihadeeswarar Temple.



The 1000-year-old Brahdayaswarar Shiva Temple is located in Thanjavur of Tamil Nadu region. One of the largest  temples of India, the Brihadeeswarar Temple was built by the Chola emperor Raja Raja Chola I, on receiving divine inspiration in the dream. The Brihadiswarar Temple has been ranked in the UNESCO World Heritage Site List.

Brihadeeswarar Temple

2) The Brihadeeswarar temple is also known as the Brihadevar temple and Rajarajeswar temple, Rajarajeswaram. It is the world’s highest temple (height of the main peak is 61 meters). The stone kumbaum on its peak weighs 80,000 kg. This temple is situated on a 16 feet high concrete terrace.




3) How to get 80 tonnes of weighing stone till the peak of the temple, it remains a secret till date. It is believed that a 1.6-kilometer long ramp was built, which was moved by inch inches inches, and it was moved to the temple crest. Brihadeeswarar Temple Kumbam weight

4) Shivalinga is set up 12 feet high inside the main temple. A huge statue of Nandi near the entrance to the temple is also a wonderful wonder. The statue of Nandi, weighing 20,000 kg, is 16 feet long and 13 feet high, which is designed to carve the same stone.

5) The entire BraidiSwarar temple is made of rocks of hard granite and sandstone. The nearest proximate source of granite stone is located 60 kilometers away from the temple. No one has the answer to how such a large quantity and huge size stones were brought from a very long distance to the temple construction site. There is no mountain around the temple, which is likely to be taken from stone.

brihadeswara lingam height






6) The construction of the Brihadeeswarar temple is used in 130,000 tonnes of stone. It took just 7 years to build such a huge temple. This temple has faced 6 big earthquakes, but it has not suffered any kind of damage.

7) It is said that for the uninterrupted supply of ghee for the burning of Brihadeeswarar Temple, Emperor King Raja donated 4000 cows, 7000 goats, 30 buffaloes and 2500 acres of land to the temple. 192 employees were kept to run the temple system smoothly.

Brihadeeswarar Temple

8) The rocks of granite are so rigid that they have to use special tools of diamond pieces to cut, hole. In that era, without any modern tools, the rocks in the temples of the temple will be created by doing fine, artistic sculptures, it is a matter of surprise.

9) According to inscribed articles in Brihadheshwar temple, Kunjar Mallan, the chief architect of the temple, was King King Perunthacchan, whose family members still work in architecture, architecture

Brihadeeswarar Temple carvings on wall

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