Care tips for dry hair

The dry and cold winter air makes our hair dull and brittle faster than usual in winter. Which products give your hair moisture and what else you want for beautiful and healthy hair Well-groomed hair can now be found here.

Causes of dry hair

In the normal state, every single hair is closed. So they look shiny and the inner hair core is protected. The dry heating air and the constant change from warm to cold, the hair are so much strained that opens the protective cuticle of the hair. This makes the hair look dull and dull. If you’re always wearing hats, scarves or wool sweaters, hair breaks even faster. Split ends and hair breakage are the result.

Care tips for dry hair

Use heat sparingly

Not to blow-dry your hair is not a good idea, especially in winter. Nevertheless, you should use the hair as little as possible with heat. If you always wash your hair in the morning before work, I recommend that you simply change the routine and wash your hair the night before. So you have time to let the hair air dry.

Also with straightener and curling iron you should use sparingly in winter. If you still have to use heat, heat protection is mandatory. Use that ghd Style – Heat Protect Spray, The heat protection can be applied in dry and damp hair. It protects hair from thermo-styling.

The matching hair care line

The right hair care line with shampoo, conditioner and treatment is important to keep the hair moisturized. To intensively treat the hair, shampoo and conditioner work best when they are perfectly matched. A hair care line  Hydre line Sebastian Professional, After the first application you will feel less dry and it will give you silky shine.

I also highly recommend the Moroccanoil – intensive moisturizing mask, During a period of 5-7 minutes, it moisturizes the hair and restores shine. In addition, Moroccanoil also contains Moisture Shampoo and Moisture Conditioner.

Care tips for dry hair

Intensive care

Olaplex Perfector no. 3 is the last part of the 3 phases application, whereby the first two steps are done by the hairdresser. Olaplex No.3 is similar to a mask and a true wonder drug. After each application your hair feels extremely supple, has a great shine and they look much healthier. The intensive care is perfect as a regular cure and works without the first two steps at the barber.

Daily care

Dry hair not only needs care when washed, it is best to use it daily. Because daily hair washing makes hair even drier, this is not an option. It is much better to use a high quality hair oil that you can use daily. The Moroccanoil – Oil Treatment is one of the most popular hair oils. Regularly applied, the hair is protected against split ends, ensures an immediate shine and a silky, soft hair feel. The oil leaves no residue and is therefore perfect for daily use.

Care tips for dry hair

What do dry hair need in winter?

The hair needs a lot of care and attention. Basically, you can stick to these 4 points and so even with you dry hair has no chance:

– Protect the hair and use sparingly with styling tools and the hair dryer
– Use hair products from the same line for a perfect match
– Apply once a week for an intensive treatment
– Apply a hair oil daily so that the hair does not dry out

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