Cold weather hot fashion


In Winter you can try both monochrome dresses (single color dress) or mix and match dressing style.

Combinations of leggings with mini skirts are great in look.

Fashion lovers looking for change in Langings’ fabric can also try woolen Langings.



Instead of a short jacket with a skirt, wear a three forth or long jacket. You can also wear long jacket with saree suit, shirt etc.
Stalls are considered better in terms of both look and use rather than shawls.



Fashion tips in hindi

Try two different color combinations this season.

Try a bright colored funky jacket or scarf over an ardi-colored dress.
Expert view

There is no option of jumpers in winter. You can also wear cool and comfortable jumpers with a coat. The fashion of black coat will remain in winter this time too. With a black coat, you can get a trendy look by wearing orange, red and green color scarves or mufflers.
Fabric can be tried with shimmer as well as fabric with metal and plastic shine. Polka dots, fur with different neck patterns and feather jackets, animal prints etc. will be in demand this season.


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