Do you know the right way to brush teeth


You brush daily to clean teeth and keep them healthy. But do you know the right way to brush? Yes, brushing them properly is very important for proper care of teeth, otherwise all your hard work can be useless in the form of toothache or other problems. Know this method of teeth cleaning –

1 To keep the teeth healthy it is necessary that you brush after eating. But do not brush right after eating, rather clean the teeth after at least one hour so that the enamel formed after eating can work on your teeth.

2 Brush not only in the morning, but also at night, after one hour of eating or at bedtime, so that bacteria does not get frozen in the mouth and teeth,
Overnight bacteria can damage teeth.



3 If you are in a hurry while brushing and rinse with only one or two rounds of brushing, this method is wrong. Brush for at least 2 minutes and run the brush down from the roots of the teeth, ie from the side of the gum, to clean the plaque.

4 Do not stress the teeth while brushing, this can weaken their roots and may also cause tooth pain. Brush with light hands and use a brush with soft bristles.
Clean the teeth with lemon once in



5 weeks, which will reduce their yellowness and your teeth will look white and shiny. Apart from this, keep using vitamin C, yogurt, salad etc., it is beneficial for teeth.

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