Do you know these 5 benefits of cashew nut?

Cashew nuts is the most delicious of dry fruits, which is used to make vegetable gravy, various dishes and especially cashew katli. Not only the taste, cashew also gives it special benefits of health and beauty. Do know

1 dry fruits are also very beneficial. Of these, cashew in particular helps to give you energy and it is considered to be an excellent source of protein and vitamin B.

2 It contains plenty of antioxidants which are extremely beneficial for the brain as well as the skin. It will bring glow to your skin and will also protect you from stress.



3 It contains mono saturates, which are helpful in keeping the bones as well as the heart healthy and healthy. Apart from this, cashew is also beneficial in reducing cholesterol.
4 cashew is a good alternative to iron. It cures iron deficiency as well as eliminates blood deficiency. Cashew is beneficial for patients with anemia.


5 Cashew nut is more beneficial for those with cold effect as cashew nut is warmer. It is an enhancer and ejaculator.

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