Exalted heroes formed their personalities from their suffering as orphans

The first rule of creative writing is that there is a minimum of reasonableness and that the events – no matter how far away from reality – are logically structured, such as attention to the psychosocial composition of characters and their historical backgrounds and the creation of strong motivations to justify their actions and transformations. For one or both parents with quite a few characters superheroes, iron does not form and does not acquire its hardness but immersed in the intimate fire, and the fire raging raging! ..

Many comic book writers and inventors of superhero characters seem to have found only early orphanhood as a justification for what their characters have become in their old age. This justifies their constant sense of insecurity and enhances their ability to sense the suffering of others. In the following paragraphs, Aragik shows you a group of the most famous and famous superheroes who contributed to the formation of their personality.

بلاك ويدو Black Widow

The first appearance of Natasha Romanov / Black Widow’s character dates back to 1964 through the release of Tales of Suspense # 52, but the real world fame of Black Widow’s character was realized only after it appeared in the CMW series of films that Scarlett Johansson embodies.

Marvel’s comics have revealed the historical background of Natasha Romanov, who was born in Russia as Natalia, and lost her parents and sisters in her childhood after a huge fire was set on her family’s palace. She escaped alone after being saved by a Russian soldier named Ivan Petrovich, It has long suffered from loneliness and isolation and has grown up in one of the orphanages.

Natalia was later apprenticed to the training program for combat girls before she was brainwashed and lost most of her memory. However, she insisted on finding out the truth and revealing her true identity. At that time, she performed many successful missions against SHIELD until she was ordered to liquidate what she represented Of the threat to US national security, only some individuals within the organization saw that it is better to recruit them and benefit from their capabilities, which was eventually to get the citizenship of America and the name of Natasha Romanov and became known as code “Black Widow.”

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