-Giriraj Kishore’s novel ‘Ba’ focuses on Kasturba Gandhi


Santosh Kumar New Delhi Giriraj has written a big and famous novel about Mahatma Gandhi, with Kasturba Gandhi in the novel ‘Ba’ published by Kishore Rajkamal Prakashan. As a wife of a personality like Gandhi, a woman’s own struggle, as well as the double struggle associated with the freedom of the country,

Such documents are very few in which Kasturba’s personal life or identity in person can be identified. next to nothing. That is why novelists also had to research at many levels for this composition. Read books that were available, read the inner and outer journeys of the places where Baba was concerned and also those who could get any information related to Ba.

This novel has succeeded so much in its purpose so much that it was able to shape after so much difficulty, it is pleasant. After passing through this novel, we will be able to chant the woman as a person, who always remained in the foundation like a silent brick in the historical process of becoming Bapu’s ‘Bapu’. And also the personality that has laid the responsibilities of home and country on one axis.


In the 19th century India, to be in the form of wife of a young age and then gradually learning to be a wife, her wishes, wishes associated with that position, and then as a result of a large cycle of history itself, Getting the height of his contemporaries was also a puzzle.

This journey seems to have belonged to a lot of people, whom BA has completed alone. This novel locates every stop of this journey like history and makes a part of our memory just like the story.

In this novel we are acquainted with a different form of Bapu himself. The look of her husband and father. What kind of person must be living within the house, which history has seen as the first country and then the guide of the whole world It is also an experience to feel in the fiction-frame of the novel.

About the Author…


Giriraj Kishoreji was born in Muzaffarnagar (UP) in 1937. He has done MSW. Traveled to South Africa and Mauritius in 1995.

Published works: People, Zoo, Jugalbandi, Two, Third Power, Claimant, Proposed, Indra Listening, Interlude, Appendix, Trips, Hypnotics, Giritaria (novels), Neem flowers, Four Moti Baiab, Paperweight, Relationships and other stories , City-by-town, we love, sing big slave Ali Khan’s, Jagatarni, Valdarogi, André’s girlfriend and other stories (story-collections), mildew, grass and horse, let the people remain, If face, face whose face, only my name, katha cannon (drama), slave-begum-king (singular-collection), katha-anath, logic to write, dialogue bridge, essay (collection of essays)

Respect: ‘Bharatendu Award’ on the play of Hindi institution Uttar Pradesh, ‘Veersingh Deva Puraskar’ on the supplementary novel of Madhya Pradesh Sahitya Parishad, ‘Vasudev Singh Gold Medal’ by Uttar Pradesh Hindi Conference, 1992 for ‘Sahitya Akademi Award’, ‘Dhigha’ Uttar Pradesh Hindi Institute ‘Sahitya Bhushan Samman’, Mahatma Gandhi Honor ‘, Hindi Institute, Uttar Pradesh,’ Vyas Samman ‘, KK Bid La Nayaks, New Delhi, ‘Janwani Samman’, Hindi Service Trust, Etawah.

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