Good evening shayari, greeting message


Good evening shayari, greeting message


Good evening shayari, greeting message

In this article you will get good shayari, SMS, greeting messages for the evening, which you can share to your friends, family members on social media platforms like Facebook, Whatsup, Twitter Instagram.
Good evening shayari, greeting message
Good evening shayari

One evening comes with your memory,
One evening she goes by remembering you,
We are waiting for that evening
Those who come with you…
Good Evening


If you work for happiness, you will not get happiness,
But if you work happy then you will definitely get happiness
To have someone with heart in mind,
To identify someone in the crowd of the world,
Doesn’t look good when you are sad,
Always keep a smile on your lips.
Good Evening
Every morning of life
Bring some conditions,
And every evening of life
She goes with some experience.
Good evening
This heart becomes sad by evening,


Nothing is near except dreams
I miss you so much
Every moment of memories has something special for me.
Good evening
Will you remember this day of love,
Will leave when we never come back,
When someone will mention us in the meeting,
So you too will find solitude to shed tears
Good Evening
May your smile be on the lips
We met every evening on the sea shore
Handle my message read


Otherwise, the ocean falls somewhere in the evening
May your father not stand
Last night the moon was exactly like you ..
Same beauty
Same noor
Same gurur
And the same way away like you



शुभ संध्या शायरी, शुभकामना संदेश Good Evening SMS Shayari Wishes in hindi


Good evening ..
Lamps also burn in the wind,
Roses only feed in thorns,
That evening is very happy,
Friends like when you meet.
Good evening
What will be the greater desire for relationships,
What will be the great worship of friendship,
Whoever finds a friend like you,
What will be the complaint with his life.
Good evening.
May you smile on Labo
We met every evening on the sea shore,
Read this message carefully,
Otherwise, somewhere in the evening, the sea shore,
May your father not stand…
Good evening.
The sun never stops watching,
That is why evening decorates for him.

Good evening greeting message

Your innocence reminds me of delay,
This pleasant breeze of the evening is drawn towards you.
It becomes like day and night,
Always be happy
Day and night are part of life,
You just keep moving forward.
Be proud of some wealth
Someone should be judged in harmony.
Whoever got a happy evening from us,
He should be proud of our wishes.
Same beauty,
Same pay
Same noor,
And this evening not far from you.
Begin every new evening with joy, love and joy,
And make every evening of your life successful.
Every morning in life
Brings some conditions,
Every evening of life
She goes with some experience.
Good evening
Lamps burn in a storm
Then also feed in thorns
That evening is lucky,
Whenever you meet like a friend.
Happy evening beautiful
This evening… Mastani… Madh…
Someone should pull me away for you.
This is the colorful evening of the evening,
Cold air has started running,
The sun is also starting to wane,
But you do not know where you slept.
This evening is like a pause button,
To start us the next day,
Between moving to another part of a day,
Gives some time
In the raindrops,
In the fun friezes of this evening,
The little angel wishes you.
Good evening for your sake.
Make no promises, don’t expect anything,
Do not expect yourself in desires,
It will give as much as it has written,
Do not expect much from luck.
Good evening to you dear.
One evening i will come to your house
I will close the door,
Light will extinguish,
And going to your ear
Will say out loud
Jaggery Evening…
May this evening be your sweetheart,
May your face shine with every face,
I can give you so much love,
Now every evening you should own us.
Your smile is essential to your success,
Be happy and have every success.
Good Evening

Good evening message

This heart gets depressed as it is evening,
Nothing is closer than dreams,
I miss you so much,
Every moment of memories is special to me.
Keep someone in your little heart
To identify someone in the crowd of the world,
Doesn’t look good when you are sad,
Always keep a smile on your lovely lips.
Good evening to my friend ..
Smile on the lips
Happiness on the face,
There is no name for sorrow anywhere,
Brought so much happiness to you every day,
There is never any evening to be cast.
It was evening .. He thought,
That is the question of life.
Will you see me or not
This thinking struck the heart.
Wish you never get up this evening
I wish this evening did not stop in love,
Let all the desires of the heart be fulfilled,
And there is no desire for heart.
What would you want more than relationships,
What will be the biggest reward with friendship,
Whoever finds a friend like you,
What will he complain about in life,
Happy evening to you.
The moon was just like you last night,
Same beauty,
Same noor,
And the same master,
And just like you away.
Flowers will continue to bloom in the gardens,

I will keep on burning,

Bless you god bless you,
The rest, we will continue to miss you.
Good evening.
Good evening special in hindi
The tea has cooled, heat it,
Soften the heart with your stone
It is evening yet I have not messaged,
Hey brother, be ashamed a little bit.
The wounds are deep in the laughing eyes,
Who we get angry with
Actually, these relationships are deeper than them.
Beautiful Evening.
The day passes by thinking of you,
Evening comes after the day has passed,
Evening nights do not cut,
I don’t remember you after you
Good evening to you.
Dawn day bears witness to your memories
Cries past moments
The setting sun is
But know why my heart cries
Every time the heart misses you
Waits for you with the setting sun
As it is a beautiful evening
You are also part of my evening
Day and night meeting
Beautiful creation of the universe
This beauty looks amazing
Wonderful view of the evening
Setting sun
Why do I like this so much
Maybe hurts left
Again one day without you
Morning or evening
Miss you
When will you come
Miss you torture
Let it roll
You stay happy
Day and night is part of life
You just keep moving forward
It’s evening
Mind the kirtan
Leave mother-in-law’s panchayat
Sing praises to God in the aging age
Get rid of
You don’t come home
How to dress
Eat big mosquitoes
What was that evening too
When birds used to come into the nest
And now it’s evening
When tv serials come to homes
Tired sun
Now it too will go home
You too come my friend
Tomorrow the sun will wake up soon
I’m happy not to live anymore
Now there is no pain to die
We do not even pray to meet them
Because now every evening is with his memories
good evening!!
Heart to heart is just this prayer
Something happened to us again today
As soon as the evening falls, remember you
I feel like you are in love
Scared of the dusk every day
Now i am afraid of love
Since you cheated on me
Since then, the name of love is also scared
good evening!!
It is heartbreak in the evening
Nothing is near except dreams
I miss you so much
Every moment of memories is special to me

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