He sealed a plant in a bottle 57 years ago. Today, the result is staggering

In 1960, a British planted a small garden in a huge bottle. He put a layer of compost and a little water and planted some seedlings with a wire. Then he closed the lid and opened it only once, after 12 years, to pour a little water.

The result is amazing. For over 50 years, in a giant glass, an ecosystem separated from the environment, a miniature jungle, lives and grows.

Opened once in 57 years

David Latimer - the plant in glass

Seeing the lovely garden, you would say that David Latimer is a genius of horticulture. The truth is, however, that the maintenance of the ecosystem did not necessarily require its attention.

For over 50 years, the man once occupied his own garden. The rest left the sun and nature to do their job.

David Latimer - Glass

David Latimer planted the garden on Easter Sunday in 1960. He put in some compost, 150 milliliters of water and a few seedlings of Tradescantia, a herbaceous plant originally on the American continent. Then he put the lid and let things go by himself.

Despite the expectations, the plants did not die. On the contrary, they continued to grow, and inside the glass an ecosystem has been formed that develops isolated from the outside world, from which it now only receives light.

The only time Latimer opened the cover was in 1972 when he added a little water.

A self-contained universe

David Latimer - glass under the stairs

“Glass stands near a 2-meter window, so it gets plenty of sunshine. The plants grow towards the light, so they rotate from time to time, so the vegetation grows evenly.Otherwise, it does not need maintenance, “Latimer said .

A miniature ecosystem has formed in the British pensioner’s glass. Although isolated from the environment, plants receive sunlight and can make photosynthesis, essential for growth. Also, compost bacteria help rotting dying plants.

This is how the carbon dioxide that the vegetation needs to survive is released. Also from the dead leaves they extract the plants and nutrients they need and the photosynthesis process creates the necessary humidity.

Latimer confessed he created the garden in pure curiosity. Now, glass is a perfect ornament for the home and is the base of the staircase in his home. The British says she will leave it to her children and grandchildren, and if the family does not want her, she will leave it to the Royal Horticulture Society.

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