Health, Jackets, and Wellness

I visited a sick person in the hospital with a relative of mine who is a medical doctor. I should say that I understood that people did not hate their daughters for the grave diggers because their hearts became cruel because of the nature of their work. Even if we got to the room, I saw a patient with pipes attached to him. The lights flashed from above him. He poured bags in his right side and emptied fluids from his body into bags that hung on his other side. The doctor accompanying me simply saw a medical condition. He gave the patient as the alternate doctors did, and took to explaining to me eagerly, as if I were watching a medical program on Discovery Channel, whispering in my ear: “This situation is accompanied by the other and when many misunderstand the human body they think that the human mind has priority to get blood, Yes, it is not true – and God fought the wats of August, which brought us medical discoveries not imagined by doctors in the most optimistic – Return, say that the human body is not the first evidence of the existence of patients in a coma with the brain hangs with the body in all its vital operations in full, Domino Once a stone is located until the other follows ”

Then he muttered himself: the most beautiful human body and more complex!

Yes, the heart can live with an efficiency of 20%. Did you know how miraculous this is? Do you know the splendor of life when life is so fragile, but one of them spends years living a life when dying from the heart of the highest efficiency and in the middle of life?

But when you work beside death around the clock, death becomes part of life closer than you think, for you as someone who does not work beside it, death is a point while death is for us. A comma, in the same room you see a sick person being taken away by death, and in the same room you find another one attracted by life and you embrace it from the clutches of death.

I remembered what I said to a colleague at work before going to visit the patient when he asked me what are your goals for 2016? I said without thinking: Health, Wester, and wellness.

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