Importance of sports in our life


Prologue – was called – play-junk, will be bad

Will read, write, become Nawab

Today this belief has changed. Playing as an essential part of education is given importance. In society, players get respect and honor. They have become ideal children. Playing a key role in physical development should be given importance in life.

Games make the body healthy and powerful. Blood pressure increases. Muscles and bones are strengthened. With sweating, the poison gets released from the body. Digestion also gets cleansed. In this way the body remains tight and nimble.




For children, the importance of playing sports is important. Children and sports are integral to each other. If the child is not interested in sports, then surely it becomes a matter of concern. There is a foundation for physical development, as well as for Buddhist and emotional development. Sports make up for the mind. Emotional satisfaction is provided by communicating euphoria. Mass games also play an important role in intellectual development. It develops mutual understanding and understanding. Forgetting all the tensions, when the mind becomes immersed in the game, one forgets the pain and pain of life. In this way, the game offers stress-free and also gives us peace of mind.

One of the objectives of play is also to create the ability to survive and face conflict. ‘Sports spirit’ gives courage to fight opposite situations in life. Desperation and sadness do not even catch him in the odd circumstances. In the life of struggling and stressed people play the task of tonic. We learn to take pleasure and pain from the possible way.

Bookworms are inseparable from their lives. Cooperation Cooper’s training comes from Play. How Vivekanand ji had said right?

“By playing football in front of Geeta’s practice, you will reach more near to heaven.

And when the arms are stronger, you will understand the Gita very well. ”

Epilogue – Clearly, the game is more important for our healthy. A healthy mind resides in a healthy body. The healthy person not only saves his life, he also receives the courage, exploitation and courage to fight against every evil.


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