In a distant corner of the universe, Hubble discovered a smiling face

Watching the sky at night is an amazing experience, especially when we know that a friendly face looks to us. In a new image captured by the Hubble telescope, the stars aligned to offer a surprising show: a smiling face.

This happy coincidence is due to the bundle of SDSS JO952 + 3434 galaxies. An anonymous name for a magnificent view …

Each of the three lights belongs to stellar systems remote from Terra.

The Hubble Telescope studies distant galaxies

Hubble NASA sageata

The arc of light that makes up the “smiling mouth” seems to be elongated to one side because of the strong gravitational forces that distort it.

“The arc-shaped galaxy has the shape of a galaxy that has been deformed gravitationally. On the way to us, its light has passed by a massive object that has distorted it and changed its shape, ” explains NASA officials.

When they are born, the stars form from giant clouds of gas, called “stellar maternity.”Over time, these mothers become unstable. Gravitational forces act upon them until they give birth to new stars.

Studying other galaxies can explain how the gas turns into huge stars. Besides, that was exactly what Hubble did when he smiled his face in a region rich in star maternity.

Analyzing the brightness, size and rate of forming young stars in images like this, NASA scientists hope to better understand how stars form in the “cold and dusty” sectors of the universe.

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