In power dressing in fashion

The world is changing fast in terms of women. That’s why women now have the power dressing. Power dressing is the style in which women are able to display their personality with full tenacity. Be it a sari or a shirt-trouser.

As an example, you can see celebrities like Shilpa Shetty, Sonam Kapoor, Frida Pinto, Michelle Obama, Chanda Kochhar, Indira Nui, Sonia Gandhi and Priyanka Gandhi. Not only glamor in their attire, but also shows simplicity, confidence and perseverance. You can also adopt power dressing. Come, let’s know how.



Paint-shirt-trousers or similar apparel have become the first choice of women due to corporate culture. One is comfortable, the other also gives you a different look. If you want to adopt it, nowadays trousers with ‘highwest’ and ‘pleats’ are in fashion.
If you are overweight, then you should use ankle fit and flat fall trousers and prefer darker colors like navy blue, dark brown, dark green, purple. Belbottom would be a good choice for the pier shape body (whose body is more towards the waist and legs).

If you are balanced weight or lean then you can use colors like white, cream etc. Yes, always keep a black trouser in your wardrobe. This ensemble will suit hand watches, simple leather purses or wallets, simple pendants and accessories such as good shoes or sandals.
As far as shirt or top is concerned, you should use plain cotton, simple floral print, linings or self checks. Colors may be used in colors such as pastel or light pink, purple, sea green or blue. Polka dots can also be worn in small floral prints or light colors



If you want to adopt western outfits, then make a fabulous printed silk scarf with it as part of this power dressing. Also, a well-fitting jacket or coat is also a good choice.
Indian traditional dress saree is a garment worn in countless ways. From a festival to an office, you can wear a sari, provided that you know how to carry it properly and you can wear it properly. Cotton or georgette saree is a very good choice for working women.



हिंदी फैशन टिप्स

In this too, designs like large floral prints, geometrical prints and linings will define you differently. Always wear palla in the office by pinup, so that there is no inconvenience to work. You can also use silk and chiffon for the party.
Yes, if a simple bracelet, an antique necklace, a wooden bracelet or a bangle, wrist watch and leather bag match with it in the office, then you will have vintage silver jewelery, slightly designed sandals, platform heels, kundan and pearl light jewelry etc. Can wear Choose pastel or light colors at work place during the day and choose dark colors for parties etc. at night. Always take care of matching blouses with them. A simple blouse neatly worn can also give you a glamorous look.
Also take care of makeup in power dressing. Prioritize the simple and natural look in the office and do a little loud makeup at parties, but keep in mind that the makeup is going to suit you.

Overall, power dressing serves to enhance your personality. For this, it is not necessary that you wear very expensive apparel or accessories only. Primarily your dress should be comfortable for you and reflect your confidence.


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