In the name of science? Swiss farmers have holes in cows

Developing technology has helped us understand the world better and make our lives easier. Although progress or profit always warrants any kind of research, in some situations scientists choose to make experiments that can be considered revolting or cruelty.

Such a case is the case for Swiss farmers who have mounted cows on devices that control their digestion. Access to the stomach of each animal is through a 20-centimeter hole, which remains open at all times.

An experiment

The procedure is as follows: a device is surgically mounted in the digestive tract of each cow through a 20 centimeter hole in the stomach.

Then, a cannula is mounted on the hole, through which farmers can check what is happening in the animal’s stomach. When the animal is not “examined”, the hole is covered with a lid.

Researchers say this experiment is needed to better understand how cows feed and how they process food.

Thus, they feed the animals with various types of fodder, and then study the digestion process.

Researchers say the data thus collected will help them improve the animal husbandry process. Animal welfare associations have described the technique as a barbarian and have threatened to do everything to stop such abuses.

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