India gate


India gate, 42 meters high in the middle of New Delhi, is in the form of arcade “Arc-the Triumph”. Consistent with its French counterpart, there is a memorial of 70,000 Indian soldiers. Who are the world war- During the British Army had lost their lives. This monument marks the names of more than 13516 British and Indian soldiers killed in the Afghans war-1919 in the Northwest Frontier (now in North-West Pakistan). The foundation stone of India Gate was laid in 1921 by the Honorable Duke of Connaught and it was designed by Edwin Luton. The memorial was dedicated ten years later by the then Viceroy Lord Irwin to the nation. Other monuments Amar Jyothi India was established after a lot of independence. This Amar-Jyoti is burning under the arches day and night, which reminds the soldiers who died in the Indo-Pak war of December 1971.


Its entire arch is set on the low-base of the red stones of Bharatpur and a massive memorial was made step by step. Britannia-Sun is placed on the corners of its corner, while INDIA is on both sides of the Mahabar under MCMX. (1914 by left side) and MCMXIX (1919 on the right side). At the top, a deep domed bowl was built to light the oil on the jawans, but its use is rarely used.

In the night India Gate is illuminated with floodlight while the proximate fountains are lit with illumination. It is located on the front end of the Rajpath and the area around it is commonly called India-Gate.

Around it is a green elephant which is also famous for the picnic spot. The summer evenings will be seen in the surroundings of this courtyard and in the shining area.

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