It is necessary to wake up early in the morning during winter, then follow these 5 measures

Winter season and early morning sleep… Bhai wah, like icing on the bed, while winter season and waking up early in the morning… Oops, morning of misery. But what to do when it is necessary to wake up early in the morning on these days of winter? Neither sleep opens nor is there any desire to get out of the quilt. But do not take tension, these 5 measures will help you in this difficult task –


1 Alarm – Yes-yes, know that the alarm is set off as soon as it is sounded and you go into sleep again. But this time you have to explain to your mind that ringing of the alarm means getting up from bed. If there is any misuse in it, then big loss can happen.

2 Mobile – You will be surprised to know, but even after you wake up early in the morning, when you are not able to get up, check your mobile. Yes, you are conscious while operating mobile and your brain is actively involved in it. Check WhatsApp and Facebook, or do any important work that is incomplete. See how sleep touches sleep.


3 Leave the bed – Leave the bed fast and smile as soon as the sleep opens or the alarm rings. This way your day will start positively and
Instead of sleeping again, you will feel like increasing your daily routine.

Drink 4 water – Keep water near your bed and after getting up from bed, drink water after filling the glass first. This will make your rasa laziness and sleep disappear immediately and now you can start the day.

 5 Keep the alarm away – Never put the clock near you after setting the alarm, otherwise you will stop it as soon as it starts ringing. If the alarm goes away, you have to get up from the bed to turn it off, and this is enough to make you sleep.

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