Kailash Mandir 6 facts

Kailash Mandir in Ellora, Maharashtra is a big secret for modern technology. Like many ancient Hindu temples, there are many wonderful things in this temple that make us wonder. Take a look at some of Kailash Mandir’s fashions of our glorious and highly-developed history.

Kailash Mandir Facts:

1) When making a temple or a building, the pieces of stones are made up one by one on the other. A very unique method was adopted to build the Kailash Temple. This temple has been built, cutting down the top of a mountain below. Like a sculptor carved a statue from a stone, similarly the temple was carved by carving a mountain.

2) By cutting and cutting the stones, the temple, pole, door, carving etc. were made. What a wonderful design and planning? Apart from this, it is not normal for the system to accumulate rain water, cutting drains, temple towers and bridges, beautifully decorated stairs, straps, dark underground paths etc. all the stones.


kailash temple maharashtra facts

3) Today’s scientists and researchers estimate that about 400,000 tons of stones will be removed during the construction of the temple. Accordingly, if 7,000 laborers work for 150 years then this temple will be complete, but it is said that Kailash Mandir was prepared in less than 17 years.

4) During that time when large crane-like machines and efficient tools were not used, how much of this stone should have been cut and how it would have been removed from the temple site. This secret turns my brain. Was this temple built using Alien Technology? Nobody knows, but seeing it looks like this.

Kailash mandir ellora fact

5) It is believed that the Kailash temple was constructed during the Commonwealth King Krishna I (756 AD-773AD). Apart from this, there is no such information as the purpose of making this temple, technology to make, and the name of the builder. The engraved article on the walls of the temple has been very old and the written language has not been read any more.

6) To build such a temple today, hundreds of drawings, 3D Design Software, CAD software, making small models, its research, hundreds of engineers, many high quality computers will be required. How could all this be ensured in that period? No answer we have. The biggest thing is that even today, using all these modern technologies, it is impossible to create another such Kailash Mandir.

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