Not only in the kidneys, there can be stones in these 6 parts of the body

Not only in the kidneys, there can be stones in these 6 parts of the body


There may be a problem of stones or stones in different parts of the body. In many people, the problem of stones increases to such an extent that they have to undergo surgery to get rid of it. Generally people feel that the stone is only in our kidneys (kidney) but it is not. Apart from the kidneys, stones can also occur in other parts of the body. This information may surprise you, but it is true. Know which parts of the body can form stones.


गुर्दे (किडनी)


When minerals like calcium are formed in your urinary tract, then they form in the form of stones. When they grow so much that they start obstructing the urine, then they start giving unbearable pain. These cause backache especially near the hips and ribs. On many occasions blood or stone pieces are also seen in the urine.


गला (थ्रोट)


If you notice, there are two lumps of tissue behind your neck. Their job is to aid in the removal of germs. Many times food, dead skin or other types of waste get collected at that place and they take the form of stones. This is called tonsillolites. In this problem, a person may have a sore throat, bad breath and swelling with white spots. You can clean this type of stone with the help of your toothbrush or cotton, but it is better to talk to a doctor if the problem increases.


The mouth

Very few people will know that there can be stone inside the mouth. Because of this, pain and swelling problems arise. It can block the saliva produced during meals. At times they can also be seen as white stones under the tongue. They are not very serious and can be relieved by drinking as much water as possible. It is better to contact a doctor if the problem is more.




Stone in the nose is quite rare and it is formed when wood, buttons, seeds or something like this gets stuck in the nose. Usually this happens in childhood. With the passage of time, it attracts minerals like calcium, magnesium and iron and gradually increases its size. Eventually, it becomes so big that it becomes the cause of your pain, and it can also close a part of the nose. Doctors take it out with their special tools or recommend its surgery.

मूत्राशय (ब्लैडर)



Inability to urinate properly is the cause of stones in the bladder. This problem can occur even if some minerals are too much in your urine and others are too low. In this case, the stone is formed on its own or sometimes a piece of kidney stone goes into the bladder and takes a big shape. Due to this problem, there may be foam or blood in the urine. The doctor treats it with the help of surgery, medicine or sound waves and laser.


पित्ताशय (गॉलब्लैडर)


The gall bladder is a small organ on your right above the stomach that collects a digestive juice called bile. A compound called bilirubin present in cholesterol and bile can cause appendicitis. Usually they do not cause pain. But when the problem increases, doctors recommend surgery to remove the gallbladder.

Note: If you have any kind of pain or discomfort, contact the doctor and avoid treating yourself.

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