Now bring mud bottle instead of pot, the body will get many benefits by smelling water

Now bring mud bottle instead of pot, the body will get many benefits by smelling water



People are taking steps in their own way to save the environment. Now they are insisting on using plastic less and less. Now people have also found the option of plastic bottles. Now they are using clay bottles instead. Their design has been kept very attractive. It is definitely like other bottles in appearance but the benefits of drinking water in it are countless. If you have any dilemma before buying clay bottles, then read the benefits mentioned here.

मेटाबॉलिज्म को बनाए बेहतर

Make metabolism better

Drinking water from an earthen pot keeps the level of testosterone in the body balanced, on the contrary, plastic reduces the level of this hormone. The soil keeps water naturally cool which helps in increasing metabolism in the body.


प्राकृतिक रूप से ठंडा पानी

Naturally cooled water

The soil is porous and evaporates when water is placed in it. Clays at very microscopic levels have holes in them and it leaks energy from the outside heat to form a gas and with the help of this evaporation process the water remains cold.

एनवायरनमेंट फ्रेंडली

Environment friendly

Bottles prepared from clay are much better than plastic bottles because they do not harm the environment. It will not spoil your budget even in comparison to expensive glass bottles and it is also easy to maintain.

क्षारीय गुणों वाला


The properties of the soil are alkaline and when it comes in contact with the acidity of the water, a good pH balance is formed. The correct pH level in water provides relief from acidity and gas related problems.

हीलिंग पॉवर

Healing power

Minerals and electromagnet energy are loaded in the clay and when water is stored in it, those properties also get into that water. Healing powers are present in this water.

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