Odisha: Only 34 deaths due to cyclone Phailin

Only 15 deaths have happened in Puri in the cyclonic storm with the cyclonic storm in Odisha. Puri’s DM Jyoti Prakash Das has confirmed these deaths to the BBC. The communication system in Puri has not been restored.

Contact with many parts of the state is broken. With the death of such deaths in Puri alone alone, the number of casualties in the rest of the state has increased.

The special relief rescue commissioner from the BBC, Vishnupad Setithi said that the rescue workers also have broken contact between them.

He told that the number of people killed in the state due to the storm has reached 34.

Even after two days the power service has not been restored in the state. Numerous electric pole and transformers have fallen in the entire state of the cyclone. Many bridges have been broken, hence the roads connecting the cities are completely closed.
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With no electricity, water supply has stopped in people’s homes. In this case, people are also faced with drinking water and defecation. State Chief Minister Naveen Patnaik says that 11 lakh people have been evacuated.
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Prime Minister Narendra Modi is reaching Odisha on Monday. Now the cyclone has stopped in Odisha, but thousands of people have been homeless in the last two days. There is a bright sunshine in the state.

Cyclone Causes of Wind in Orissa at 180 to 220 Kph. Function is being seen as an exception cyclone, so prematurely its prediction was not easy.

The administration says that in most part the mobile phone service is still interrupted and it is a big challenge to restore it. Puri’s economy is very dependent on tourists, hence due to the Cyclone Cyclone, tourism has also suffered a lot.

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