Onam 2019: Look beautiful and stylish on this special occasion

Onam 2019: Look beautiful and stylish on this special occasion



Onam festival is about to come and in such a situation you must have started preparing for this special festival. This festival is celebrated all over the world and especially in Kerala. This festival is celebrated as the harvest season of Kerala which falls in Chingam, the first month of Malayali almanac. In the year 2019, Onam festival will be celebrated from September 1 to September 13.

onam look




It is also important to look beautiful and beautiful on this special occasion. Whether you are Malayali or not, you have to look the best on this occasion. If you are a Malayali, then obviously you must have shopped for Onam by now, but those who are not Malayalis can prepare for Onam in the traditional way. You can ask your Malayali friends what is the importance of traditional clothes on this occasion and how the makeup is done on the golden border saree of Kerala.




Women apply kajal from Kerala to every part of India. This makes the eyes look more beautiful. Girls all over the country like kajal very much. You must keep mascara in your makeup box. This is also very important for Onam.



आई लाइनर

Eye liner

Along with Kajal, eye liner is not the answer to enhance the beauty of eyes. Both gel or liquid eye liner is good. The most beautiful look of the eyes on the entire face is the most important and the eye liner does the same.




Applying a lipstick makes the entire face glow. For some girls, lipstick is like a lifeline, while some work with lip gloss. If you use lipstick then it is better that you choose lipstick of light color or nude shade. It adds beauty and beauty to your face.



लाल बिंदी

Red dot

Onam’s look is incomplete without a red dot. Not only Onam, but every festival seems incomplete without a dot. Do not forget to put a dot on this festival to complete your look. Apart from this, Bindi is also part of the traditional look in India which will complete your look on Onam.


चंदन का टीका

Sandalwood vaccine

Now there is no need to make sandalwood at home as it is easily readymade in the market. It is very important to apply sandalwood vaccine on red dot. Kajal and red bindi as well as sandalwood tika also complete the Onam look.

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