Red Fort

The Mughal emperors ruled one year in India for nearly four hundred years. The Mughal empire was very prosperous till the time of Emperor Akbar to Jahangir. There was a wonderful progress in art skills in this period.

Mughal emperors built historic buildings in Delhi and Agra. Like Agra’s Taj Mahal, the red fort of Delhi is also a world famous historical monument. Lalkila is situated on the west bank of Yamuna in Delhi. It was built by Shah Jahan in 1648.

Due to being made of red stone it is called Red Fort. There is a deep trench around this fort which was built for safety. Entering the main entrance of the Red Fort, Meena entered the market, where even today artistic commodities are traded.

There are many grand buildings in the Red Fort. Junkies are very special and special. Both of the buildings have a wide field ahead. Emperor junkies used to address the masses in general. Deepika is made to look at the grandeur of a special.

Here it was the priceless Peacock Throne, which took the leader of Iran’s robber Nadirshah with him. The emperor’s special court seemed right here. This is a magnificent carvings on the roofs. Rang Mahal is the very beautiful building of this fort. This was the place where the queens used to live. This is where the canals flowed. It is made of white marble.

It has a beautiful carvings on its terrace. In the Mughal period, its walls were gemstones. Even today the empty space confirms this fact. The Moti Masjid, built by Aurangzeb, is also a scenic spot. It was here that Kohinoor diamond was embellished, which today is the crown of the British ruler’s crown.

Shah Burj and the museum are other attractions here. Even today, there are royal clothing of the last Mughal Emperor Bahadur Shah and his Begum. Many things of ancient times, coins and inscriptions put light on immediate history.

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