Sombra, the dog on whose head the mafia put a $ 70,000 reward

Sombra, a German shepherd female used by the Colombian National Police to detect drugs, has caused such drug cartel problems that traffickers have put a reward on their heads, forcing authorities to move it to a safer airport and allocate more officers to accompany her.

In the age of 6, Sombra is “a thorn in the coast” of a Mafia group in Colombia. In recent years, his strong sense of smell has helped Colombian police make over 240 arrests and confiscate about nine tons of drugs.

Sombra, whose name translates as “Umbra,” has become a real oro of the fight against drug cartels, but for traffickers who lose money because of their nose as a radar, it is just a threat to be eliminated.

To this end, the Urabeños group, also known as the Gulf Clan, set a $ 70,000 reward for killing the police dog.

“The fact that they want to hurt Sombrei and offer such a great reward for capturing or killing it shows the impact it has had on traffickers’ profits,” a spokesman for The Telegraph said .

The fact that Sombra has become the pinnacle of Colombia’s anti-drug efforts has turned it into the target of the most dangerous organization in the country. Originally a paramilitary formation, Urabeños is now the largest organized crime group in Colombia, controlling much of the drug trafficking.

“Over the past three years, Sombra has become Otoniel’s nightmare,” a Colombian anti-drug police said in a Twitter post.

Otoniel is the nickname of Dairo Antonio Úsuga, the leader of Urabeños, who is very interested in escaping the Sombra forever.

To protect Sombra, the Colombian authorities temporarily moved it from Turbo airport in the Urabá region, the center of Urabeños’ sphere of influence, to Bogotá’s El Dorado airport, considered safer.

However, the police want to eliminate any risk, so alongside their regular caretaker, Sombra is also accompanied by an extra security crew when he makes his rounds of luggage and travel packages.

Sombra first came to the news in 2016 when he led his colleagues to a banana container in which he had hidden 2,958 kilos of cocaine. In May 2017, she discovered another 1.1 tonnes of cocaine to be shipped to Belgium. A month later, he still found 5.3 tons of cocaine ready to be removed from the country.

In total, the Sombre catches led to 245 arrests, so it is not hard to see why Urabeños are willing to pay to get it out of the game.

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