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ACHHIADVICE-img As the name of this WEBSITE is AchhiAdvice, which directly means Achhi ie Good or Good and Advice, so in this way the name of this website means good advice or good advice, so friends are the main purpose of our website If you share your Achhi thoughts with the people, and if this is the benefit of any one person through this website then the purpose of our website can be successful.

So with this feeling you share your personal ideas, thinking and Achhe Vichar between people and you may not even agree with some of the statements made by us.

But friends, let me share something like this among the people, sharing AchhiAdvice
Some of our AchhiAdvice –

Mother in this world is such a person who wants selfless life all the time and can never see her children miserable, so we should not always reduce the dignity of our mother.

Often, we feel that our father always keeps showing us. It may be that we feel like this, but whenever we think about it, we will know that if we are worried about our future concerns then Never should we treat father’s words as bad

When we are young we feel we will earn a lot by going very far and wide, but when we have the responsibility to run our family over us, then we remember our own house. Q. We found that happiness was now available to us We have to mobilize so we should never forget our motherland
When we are in our hometown, we do not understand the importance of our language, but when we grow up and go abroad and earn money, then there are people who speak in their own language and our language seems sweet, so we always love our mother tongue. ACHHIADVICE-image
Maybe we earn a lot but when the person who earns more money goes away from the reach of the people, then he can not take advantage of all the experience of life that meets the people so no matter how big The person should not be Q but the attachment and logo should not be left with the people
At any point of time, the importance of relationships is the need of human beings, and if there is no relation in our life, then we feel alone in the midst of millions of people, so we have a very good relationship with our relationships. Should be done in a manner

The person who comes forward for the help of another, surely there will be lakhs of problems in his life but he can not be distracted. Q will help him to help him in these difficulties so that somebody will come in our life. You should not miss the good of others.

If we do not believe in our own people nor do we agree with our words, then it is not a matter, but we should never give up for the help of others. Q. This is the feeling of helping us one day, Will meet in the favor

It is not necessary for every work done to be done, maybe if we have the benefit of the work done further then we should do such tasks by keeping such a thing in mind.

Advice is advised to give advice to the people, but when it comes to doing, then there is no interest in doing the work again, so we should follow those tasks better by explaining to others in our life.

People should try to live up to those expectations more than what we expect. If the opportunity of Q is the same for everyone, then those opportunities should be of great benefit to us.

If we stop laziness then the half of our life will end like that.

If we all make the purpose of our life, then surely the importance of our life can be understood and our life begins to look sweet
Maybe people criticize us, but if we try to overcome them by thinking about those criticisms, then they can be our true guide to criticizing this

Not every human being born in every happiness facility, but those who believe in their karma can definitely be able to mobilize all the comforts of the world on the strength of their karma.

Everyone is afraid of losing but those who do not care about these losses surely have success in their life, so we should never fear the defeat in our mind.

So tell all of you how this AchhiAdvice felt please in the Comment Box
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