Speech on the Importance of Education







Respected Principal Sir, greetings to all teachers, classmates and guardians. I warmly greet you all.

my name is. I study in class … Today I am presenting a speech on “The Importance of Education”. Education is very important in our lives. The elderly say that the illiterate person is the same as the animal. I will tell you today how much importance of education is in our lives. By reading, we can decide right and wrong. We only realize the knowledge of wisdom when we will have been educated.

Nowadays go to the banks, hospitals, railway stations, airports, and need to study all over


the place. Now the ticket also goes out in the English language. To deposit and withdraw money in the bank, the form has to be filled in either Hindi or English. If a person is not read, he will not be able to take advantage of the banking facility. Without such a study all is useless. Only after getting educated, the person can take advantage of the right plan, including the correct life insurance policy, other savings plan, tax saving information.
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An illiterate person will not understand which plan is good and which bad? Education is required in every field of life. For example, mobile phones have become very important now. In the phone, smart phone, tablet, logo names are kept in Hindi or English. The message also comes in Hindi or English. So now if someone wants to use a phone or smart phone in the country then it is very important to have a read written.

Now shops, offices, train ticket counters, work all over the computer. Computer has now


become an integral part of life. To work on this, there should be good knowledge of Hindi and English language. Therefore, all parents are teaching computer to their children from the beginning.

The importance of education is everywhere. Nowadays, politicians and politicians are demandin


g votes by appealing to the people. They do not show up when they win, nor do any development work. They come to ask for votes only in elections. Such selfish leaders, politicians, we can vote for them and show them the way out, but it is very important for the public to be educated.


There are allegations of rigging during elections every election year. Corrupt le


aders win elections by dishonesty and rigging. By hacking the software of the electronic voting machine, a special party is won.

During the Uttar Pradesh Lok Sabha elections in 2017, other parties accused Bharatiya J


anata Party of being a mess in the elections. Such a system is a threat to democracy. To eliminate such disturbances and rigging, every voter should be educated and voted against such a party. Now every voter needs to be very careful.

In today’s time, the person who is not educated, understand that he has done a big crime, because he has done injustice to society and the country along with him without studying. Therefore, I want to say that friends should read from the children to the elderly, women and old men too. Only after getting education, we have confidence in ourselves.

We can do some new inventions, no one can make arrangements and plans and invent a new technique for the good of others. That’s why everyone should read. By reading – we can give good education and good rites to all our young people (children). Now there is a need for education at step step.

Even if the money is to be withdrawn from the ATM, the person should have knowledge of Hindi and English language. In these days, newspapers are spreading news about the thugs and miscreants who withdraw money by changing the cards of the innocent Bhalla villagers / illiterate people. Therefore, education is very important.

Students who are well-studied get good jobs in government posts. Their level of life becomes high. He is respected in society. On the contrary, students who do not mind reading is not able to get jobs at any of them.

No government / private institution wants to give illiterate people a job. If a job gives, more work is done at lower pay. They are exploited. Therefore, classmates should read all.

The importance of education for the daughters of the country is even more. Many times our daughter-in-law, daughters, have to bear the bad practice of in-laws. Such greedy people demand dowry for the day. If not complete, there is a lot of kind of oppression on the daughter.

In such a horrible situation, our daughters can go to the police and fix such in-laws by writing a written complaint. Dowry can be stopped in jail by the practice, harassment and other charges against them.

All the daughters should have the right information about their rights. The Government of India has enacted several laws like Dowry Prohibition Act, 1961, Women’s Protection Act, 2005, whose help may be for 3 years in jail for the husband or in-laws. Therefore, all the daughters must read carefully so that neither husband nor in-laws can exploit them. This will happen only when you have read it.

There is even more benefit for girls to study. Many times your husband does not spend any pocket on you, in such a situation, you may be able to stand on your feet by doing a job or if you want to start your own small business. You will not need to depend on anyone.

The daughters whose daughters are poor. Home condition is not good. Make a good living by doing jobs by writing daughters-

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