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Technology Quotes in Hindi – precious word on technical
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  • Human emotion should be more important than technology.

    • Matching law, politics and technology is going to implement a lot of good thinking.

      • It does not believe in technology. This is the belief in people.

        • The reason Apple could make such products as the iPad is that, because we have always tried to be at the intersection of technology and independent art.

          • Science makes us wise, but philosophy makes us wise.

            • There can be no difference between any technologically developed and magic developed.

              • Scientific thinking can not be developed at any particular time. This is a process that keeps on steadfast.

                • Science can pull people out of poverty and disease. And that can eliminate social unrest in return.

                  • The technique is built on the technique itself. We can not develop economically if we do not understand that the existence of complex is not possible without the simplest.

                    • Regrettably, the speed of development in technology is faster than the speed of intelligence among people.

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