The Indian Wedding Planning Checklist [You Can Actually Use]

When I was wedding planning, I dug around online for hours trying to find the right Indian wedding planning checklist as if it would appear out of thin air. After page 5 of searching through Google results, I stopped looking.

The checklists on the big sites included irrelevant items and then there were the random Indian sites that apparently had checklists.  I found some lists I could’ve written before I knew anything about Indian wedding planning. Some seemed promising at first.  I downloaded five checklists and printed out two, feeling desperate for a checklist.  I had good intention to use them all. Some were too broad, and some were just not relevant.

Yes, I have to decide on my bridal party – but there are more crucial items to figure out first. Next…

What if my wedding isn’t 12 months from now and it’s closer than that? I felt my heart beating faster. Next…

I’m not having a rehearsal dinner or a one-day event. Next…

I love lists but 100 items? Ugh, that’s way too overwhelming. The first line gets processed and then your mind goes into “eh I’ll just figure it out” mode.


The idea of figuring it out is amazing in theory, but when you get to logistics, it’ll bite you in the behind. “Wait –  I can’t pick out my dream menu BEFORE I find out if the venue even allows outside catering? Oh..”

Whether you’re getting married in 6 months or 2 years, this wedding planning checklist is one list that won’t stress you out.

It’s a wedding planning checklist for any kind of Indian wedding and can be used for a fusion Indian wedding too.


Use the checklist in combination with a more detailed wedding checklist [that’ll be unique to your wedding]. Keep the information organized. [I heart google docs and as a bride, you can’t live without it!]

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