The most important moments of the Oscar 2019 video distribution

Well OK, the Oscar 2019 ceremony is actually unforgettable, and this is due to many reasons. The most important of which is a year in which conflicting statements about nominations, and then conflicting statements about the winners. Some even said that the Oscars preferred works on the other to some of the special reasons that make the commission (non-racist) and welcoming all the works of art, even the weak ones.

But who are we to govern? Only the committee has already announced and announced the winners in many different fields and technical classifications yesterday, so today we present to you the most important and most important art awards that were distributed at the great 2019 Oscar ceremony. Clasp your seat belts, we have names that will make you jump from your chairs of joy!

A moment of honor for the departed – Oscar 2019

The Oscar ceremony always starts with the saddest moment of the whole concert, the moment the Academy decides to award the honor to the guests, the honor they receive when their pictures are shown on the screen with music proving that they have made the world of cinema and art priceless and that their departure Not only influenced the world of art, but also affected the lives of millions on this planet.

Of course, the most famous names in the video were the name of the late comics maker, Stan Lee.

Best Movie – Oscar

The award-winning film “Green Book” won the greatest acclaim in the world of cinema and was rated as one of the best biographical drama films in the history of the industry. The film received an 8.3 rating on IMDB’s global website. At the time of the Oscars, Jim Burke – Charles B. Wessler – Brian Currie – Peter Farrelly – Nick Vallelonga came to the podium to express their joy at the film!

Best Foreign Language Film – Oscar

I exaggerate in the winning business magnificence, right? Well, it does not matter, because it’s actually good!

ROMA won the Oscar for best foreign film of 2018, and really deserved that win, and deservedly. We have already spoken to Arajik Fenn about the film and the nomination he took for the Oscar. But the words were mixed around him a bit, because of his thought, the method of taking him out, his actors, and many other elements that were strange, but distinctive. But the film really exceeded expectations, and won the award received by Alfonso Cuaron, director of the work. He also won the best Oscar output as well at the same concert!

Best Animation – Oscar

Well, I really wanted this movie to win the Oscar, it has been.

SPIDER-MAN: INTO THE SPIDER-VERSE won the award for Best In Motion for the entire 2018 film, making the Spider-Man world shine again in a completely different way. We know that (Tom Holland) is a personal interface in the recent period, and that helped the success of the series more. But that the transformation of the series to the work of animation, and that the success of all .. This really shows that the work stems from the love of those who work on the personality, even brought to that very great rank!

Best Actor in a Starring Role – Oscar 2019

The actor Rami Malik won the film Bohemian Rhapsody, which has spread like wildfire from the first day of its performance to the present day. Rami won many awards, including the Golden Globe and the Baffetta Award, but he finally came to the brink of winning the Academy Award in the midst of the brightest stars of art to say to everyone: “I’m here! I can win the Oscar! ”

Best Actress in a Starring Role – Oscar 2019

The award was won by Olivia Colman for her role in Favorite, which is her first nomination, and her first win with this great award.

The word she gave to the public is an extraordinary joy and joy, and she feels that she is the most worthy of the award, and that she is the only candidate and winner that the award committee never misses this year. Also, when she spoke her name, applause in the whole place rose more than all the other nominations. Blessed are you, O Olivia, let us see what is coming!

Best Original Song for Oscar – 2019

Oh my God, I adore that woman!

A STAR IS BORN won the Oscar for Best Song of the Year last year, and the song was performed by Lady Gaga, the star of the film. The film (and the song) is a fruitful partnership between her and Bradley Cooper, and a wonderful product that gave them the chance to run for that award, but also win it. Gaga herself did not enjoy the joy, and she said words of true gratitude for art and singing, and that the dream as long as it can be achieved, it should stick to it no matter what!

Best Original Music – Oscar 2019

Marfell’s Black Panther was nominated for the award and won it last night. With a large audience celebrating the film’s stars, the applause rose louder and louder as Ludwig Göransson came to receive his award on the stage while everyone saluted him for his great achievement in the film. As this is his first Oscar, and certainly a huge leap in his artistic history and future, which will certainly come bright. The same film won several awards in the same hole.

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