The world’s largest aircraft launched the first flight



The world’s largest plane has flew for the first time in terms of wings.

A company named Straitlunch has made it. This company was created by Microsoft co-founder Paul Allen in 2011, one of the world’s largest software maker companies.

This aircraft is actually designed as a satellite launch pad. The main purpose of this aircraft is to fly 10 kilometers before leaving the satellite in space.

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The 385 feet long feathers of this plane are as big as any of the American football field.

If this project is successful then sending something in space will be much cheaper than sending it from the rocket to the ground.
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This aircraft has two aircraft bodies which are connected and there are six engines in it. This aircraft went up to 15 thousand feet in its first flight and its maximum speed was 170 miles per hour.

Airplane pilot Ian Thomas told reporters that it was ‘wonderful’ and ‘as expected the plane was blown up in the same way.’

According to StraitLunch’s website, ‘The way in which it is common to fly today in a commercial flight is the only way to go into the orbit of space.’

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Virgin Galactic, the British billionaire Richard Branson, has also made an aircraft that can send rocket to space orbit from the height.

StraitLunch has called this aircraft “the world’s largest aircraft”, but there are still aircraft that are much bigger than the farthest part to the rear.

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