Tools and gadgets that work on research in ghost hunting (ghost hunting) and paranormal activities

Tools and gadgets that work on research in ghost hunting (ghost hunting) and paranormal activities

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Gadgets for ghost hunting: Information in Hindi – Whether it is a ghost or not it has always been an issue of debate. Ghosts – Faith and disbelievers on the demons give their own arguments about this. Whether we believe them or not, there is a description of the supernatural forces in every religion and every civilization. There are many institutions in many countries of the world to capture ghosts and research on supernatural forces. There are many such institutes in our country, of which Team Pentacle is one, which recently not only captured the supernatural forces in Goa but also recorded their voices in the Bhutah bungalows of Goa. For this purpose, these institutes use cutting-edge equipment and gadgets. Today we are telling you about some such gadgets. However, this does not prove to be completely true, yet any strange behavior can be easily detected.

EMF meter: –

This gadget is used to detect electromagnetic fields. Many meters appear in this meter. Based on these numbers, it is decided that there is no supernatural force around or not.

EMF meter- Gadgets for ghost hunting: Information in Hindi

Not entirely accurate
The results of the EMF meter can not be considered completely correct. The reading of the EMF meter can change due to the wiring, power source and the remaining electromagnetic gadgets present in any building.

Thermal scanner: –


From research it has been found that cold conditions are high where parochial forces are there. Thermal scanner is a device designed to record the temperature of any place. This gadget is called Improved thermometer (IR meter).

Thermal scanner- Gadgets for ghost hunting: Information in Hindi

How does work-

An infrared beam emerges from this scanner. With the help of this beam, the temperature of a place can be traced from a distance. Some dur IR meters can record the temperature of both the distant space and the adjacent place. This gadget can not be called completely correct. It can not be said that there is a ghost in the cold region, there is ghost in it.

Motion sensor: –
It is almost impossible to catch something that you can not see. Therefore, motion detection is used to detect any strange movement. These gadgets are also used for home security.

Motion sensor – Gadgets for ghost hunting: Information in Hindi

How do the work-
Actually, motion sensors detect the heat signal. Motion sensor detects heat signals to detect when something comes in the coverage of motion sensor. These gadgets are already defragmented and the Motion sensor records it as soon as something goes above the specified temperature.

Spectrum Light Torch: –

It is difficult to see anything in the dark. Spectrum Lite is a different type of ultra-violet light used for color matching. Many times this light is planted in zoos and aquariums for animals and fishes.

Spectrum Light Torch- Gadgets for ghost hunting: Information in Hindi

Spectrum light torch can be attached to any camcorder, tripod or spectrum camera. It has different LED lights which generate a lot of light.

Digital recorder: –
Many times people claim that they have heard a strange sound. To find any such claim, it is important to have a digital recorder. The digital recorder also records low-pitch sound. This gadget, which works on battery, also tracks slower and slower voices at times.

Digital recorder -Gadgets for ghost hunting: Information in Hindi

How does work-

The voice record is recorded in the digital recorder and saved directly on the memory card. This is a gadget designed to capture the analog signal. The sample rate of audio recording on this is 44.1 kHz.

Air Ion Counter: –
This tool is used to measure the positive and negative ion in the air. It is believed that where there is a ghost or supernatural power there are very positive ions, because ghost or transcendental power or discharges large amounts of magnetism.

Air Ion Counter – Gadgets for ghost hunting: Information in Hindi

Barometer: –
Many Ghost Hunter believe that paranormal activities affect the barometric pressure there. Barometry is used to detect variations in the biometric pressure of a place.

Barometer – Gadgets for ghost hunting: Information in Hindi

Full Spectrum Camera: –
Full spectrum camera is most suitable for ghost hunting, because full spectrum cameras take pictures of those things which we can not see with our eyes.

Barometer Full Spectrum Camera -Gadgets for ghost hunting: Information in Hindi.

Apart from these, many more tools are used in the work and the result obtained from all the devices is given to any final dissatisfaction.

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