Torch and the beast

I can not count the times that I listened and watched this passage, which came out of his talent, which led me to translate it in front of you to weakness in English and not fully familiar with the translation of the translation of the strong in Arabic. This is because the British singer expressed his desire to do something for the people, and the scene is part of a documentary about his life, which amounted to “twenty thousand days on earth” and thus the title of the award-winning documentary. “The days are numbered, and we can not go without doing anything. To implement a bad idea, it is better for you not to do anything at all. Because the value of the idea is not clear, until you implement it. Sometimes this idea is one of the simplest things in the world, like a small flame that turns your back toward it, protects it with both hands, and hopes it will not be extinguished by the storms that are rolling around. If you can keep this torch, a lot of great things will arise around it. Such as the huge things in their content, which are inherently immune to the world and around them, all of which are as simple as the torch. In the end, I do not care what I understand. The words I have written all these years seem to me like a layer of crusts that are painted from the outside. There are facts that lie deep in the words away from the surface, facts float to the surface without warning and look at you like a monster’s shadow is about to reappear and then disappear again. Performance, singing for me and two ways to tempt the beast to approach the surface. Creating an area in which the creature – that is, the truth – can execute through it what is real and known to us. This glittering space intersects imagination and reality, where lies love, tears and humility. This is space, which is where we live. “Nick Cave – 20000 days on earth

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