Underwater: 7 of the most dangerous fish in the world

Because we all love to find out unusual things, to decipher the secrets of nature and everything that is mysterious draws our attention as a magnet, in this article we present you a list of seven dangerous fish that are among the most lethal underwater creatures in the world .

Fish are some of the most beautiful creations of nature and can be found everywhere. But, besides being beautiful, fish can be extremely dangerous. Here are seven eloquent examples.

1. Electric electric eagle or electric eel

dangerous fish

Here’s the first copy of our list of dangerous fish. You may have heard about this fish at biology and you wondered if there really was.

Well, there is. And, as its name suggests, it can trigger some powerful electric shocks.Nature gave it that ability to survive.

The cigar produces up to 700 volts of electricity, that is, enough to kill a man or any other living being. It is undoubtedly one of the most deadly fish in the world. Chickpea lives a lot, up to 15 years old.

2. Dangerous fish: Tiger fish

dangerous fish

As its name suggests, tiger fish is one of the most dangerous fish, having sharp teeth like the blades and the ability of a true hunter.

The fish are usually found in the Congo and Lake Tanganyika, both in Africa. Tiger fish attack in the group and feed on animals larger than him.

One of the most well-known is the “Goliath Tiger Fish”, which is the largest of all tiger fish species. Tiger fish is the most dangerous prey fish. There are specimens weighing 70 pounds.

3. Goonch fish

dangerous fish

Here’s one of the most frightening dangerous fish in the world. Goonch fish are found in the Kali River, located on the border between India and Nepal.

This fish is a member of the sleep family. He has sharp teeth and a length of more than two meters. It is terrible that this fish likes human flesh.

The alarming number of disappearances and drownings in the Kali River is attributed to this giant man-eater. Goonch fish is called the “monster in the river”. There have been several cases where swimmers have been attacked by this monster who likes human flesh.

4. Fish-stone

dangerous fish

This is one of the most dangerous fish and, at the same time, one of the strangest marine creatures. The stone fish is hard to find because it resembles a stone and you will not recognize it until after you have stepped on it.

It is the most poisonous fish in the world. The pain caused by his sting is incurable and lasts for hours. It has not yet been determined whether the poison will kill or not.

Some say they are limited to pain, but others claim that poison can kill you two hours after it was inoculated.

5. Dangerous fish: Vandellia Cirrhosa toothpick

dangerous fish

And this is extremely dangerous fish. The fish is the incarnation of the saying “size does not matter”. It is about 2.5 centimeters in length and 3.6 millimeters wide and is also known as the “toothbrush”.

This fish can cause great misfortune to man. Vandellia is attracted to blood and urine because it extracts its main source of urine food (more precisely, urea).

The fish passes easily through the anus, vagina or penis and begins to suck blood, causing extreme pain to the victim. In many cases, amputation is the only remedy, which is even worse.

6. Piranha

Here’s one of the most famous dangerous fish. Do you remember the movie called Piranha, where some small fish attacked people at the beach? It’s about the same fish.

Piranha originates in South America and, more precisely, in Brazil. Like Vandellia Cirrhosa, piranha is small, but it is even more dangerous. These fish devour the victim to the bone in a short time.

The fish has sharp teeth and strong jaws. Although described as one of the most dangerous fish in the world, piranha is not usually a serious risk to humans.

Piranha attacks people only when they are in a stressful situation.

7. Dangerous Fish: Payara

Payara is known as “vampire fish”. It can reach the length of 1.2 meters and is able to hunt fish of the same size.

In addition to sharpened teeth and two corners in front, Payara is the only fish capable of hunting piranha, which means it is even more dangerous than this species.

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