Vivah + Lust

Vivah + Lust

Then the Lord God put Adam into a great sleep, and when he slept, he took a rib from his flesh and filled it with flesh. And Jehovah God made the rib that he had taken out of Adam, made a woman; And brought him to Adam. And Adam said, now it is the bone of my bone and the meat in my flesh: So its name will be female, because it is derived from male. For this reason, the man will leave his parents and stay with his wife and they will remain a tan. Genesis 2: 21-24
When Adam went to his wife Eve, she got pregnant and gave birth to Cain and said, I have found a man with the help of Jehovah. And Adam went back to his wife; And she gave birth to a son and named her the name of the farm, saying that God has appointed me another descendant for Abel, whom Cain killed. Genesis 4: 1, 25
Then Jehovah brought great calamities on Pharaoh and his family, because of Sarai, Abram’s wife. So Pharaoh called Abram and said, What have you done to me? Why did not you tell me that she is your wife? Genesis 12: 17-18
There was no descendant of Abram’s wife Sarai: and she had an Egyptian woman named Hagar. So Sarai said to Abram, “Behold, the Lord has closed my womb, so I beg you to go to my grandson. It is possible that my house will be settled by him. So Abram accepted this fact of Sara. So ten years after Abram had lived in the land of Canaan, his wife Sarai took her Egyptian lady, Hagar, and handed her to Abram, that she was his wife. Genesis 16: 1-3


He said, I will come again to you in the spring; And then your wife Sarah will have a son. And Sarah was listening at the entrance to the tent, which was behind Abraham. Both Abraham and Sarah were very old; And Sarah’s woman had stopped, so she laughed and said, I am old, and my husband is old too, will I have this happiness? Genesis 18: 10-12
Onan also knew that the offspring would not be mine: So it happened that when he went to his eyebrow, he threw down the semen on the ground, so that it would not happen that a descendant named after his brother. The Lord was unhappy about what he did: And he killed him too. Genesis 38: 9 -10
You must not commit adultery. Expire 20:14
You should not indulge in anyone’s house; Neither should the greed of any woman, nor anyone’s slave-slave, or ox-donkey, nor any other person’s greed. Exodus 20:17
Do not expose your step mother too; That is the tone of your father. Then do not be defiled with your brother’s wife by being mistreated. Leviticus 18: 8, 20
If any man commits adultery with another man’s wife, then whoever commits adultery with another man’s wife, then both of them are guilty of adultery and both of them will be killed. And if any man makes a representation with a woman like that, then both of them will be abusive; Because of this they will surely be killed, their blood will be on their heads. Leviticus 20:10, 13
They should not marry prostitutes or prostitutes; And do not marry a married wife; Because the priest is holy to his God. Leviticus 21: 7


And she married a virgin only to the woman. Any widow, or a widow, or a corrupt person, or a prostitute, should not marry any such person, she should marry a virgin girl among her own people. Leviticus 21: 13-14
This is the arrangement of irritation, whether a woman is unclean to her husband except to her husband, even if a man gets jealous in his heart and starts burning on his wife; Then he shall set it before Jehovah, and the priest shall fulfill all this law on it. Numbers 5: 29-30
If a man is married to a woman, and when she visits him, she may feel disrespectful, and she should disrespect the woman, and by saying this, she should accuse her of doing wrong, that she married this woman, and when she fell in love with him If there is no trace of virgin status in it, then the parents of that girl should take the mark of her virginity and go outside the gate to the elderly people of the city; And the daughter of that girl said to the elderly people, I gave her daughter to marry this man, and she seems unpleasant to her; And he blames him for doing wrong, saying that I could not find the virginity of your daughter. But these are the signs of virginity of my daughter. Then her parents spread the cover in front of the elderly people of the city. Deuteronomy 22: 13-17
If a man is married to a woman, and after that he is displeased with the matter of shame, then write down the resignation for him and give him in his hand and take him out of your house. Deuteronomy 24: 1
Then David comforted his wife Bathsheba, and she went to him. And he had a son, and he named him Solomon. And he loved the Lord. 2 Samuel 12:24
But Abijah became even more fortunate and married fourteen women, to whom the sons and sixteen daughters were born. 2 Chronicles 13:21
Your woman will be fruitful vine in your house; Your child will be around your table with olive trees. Psalm 128: 3
May your blessing be blessed! And be happy with the wife of your youth, her breasts like her beloved, beautiful or beautiful Sambharani should always satisfy you, and her love continually keeps on touching you. Proverbs 5: 18-19



This is the condition of a woman who goes to another woman; Anyone who touches him

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