What does the blood group you have about you?

Japanese science and tradition suggest that the blood group can indicate a lot about your personality and your health. You would say that blood is simply blood, right? Well, the answer is yes and no.

Human blood is made up of the same basic elements, but there are some distinctions that give birth to the four blood groups. What distinguishes the four groups are the antigens (immune defense systems) from the surface of the blood cells.

In 1930, Japanese professor Tokeji Furukawa published a paper claiming that blood groups reflect the personalities of those who possess them. Since then, blood grouping (“ketsueki-gata”) has become deeply rooted in Japanese culture.

Japanese televisions and newspapers offer blood group horoscopes, and books detailing the relationship between the blood group and personality are bestselling. In Japan, there are even specialists in the search for future spouses on the basis of blood groups.

But, as in the case of astrology, modern science has not yet demonstrated the existence of any clear correlation between the blood group and personality. But even so, there are many researches detailing how the blood group determines certain patterns of health.

Here are some of these.

If you have a blood group A

Blood Group A has only A-antigens at the surface of red cells and B-antibodies in plasma. If you have this group, you can donate red cells to groups A and AB.

The composition of the red cell surface antigens can determine how much of a certain hormone is released. If you have blood group A, you’re more likely to have higher levels of a stress hormone called cortisol .

There are a number of risks associated with group A, such as the 20% higher probability of developing stomach cancer compared to individuals with groups 0 or B. Those with group A also have a 5% greater risk of developing develops heart disease, compared to those with group 0.

Besides, if you have blood group A, you are at greater risk of doing more cancers, such as pancreatic cancer and leukemia. According to the BBC, those with this type of blood are more exposed to malaria and malaria infections.

Ironically, it has been discovered that those with blood group A are less”attractive” to mosquitoes – so if you have this type of blood, you have reasons for joy!

According to ketsueki-ready, if you have blood group A, you have some great personality traits. You are an honest, creative, sensitive, reserved, patient and responsible person. You are also a stubborn person and a little tense.

If you have B blood group

If you have B blood group, you only have B antigens on the surface of red cells and antibodies A in plasma. You can donate red cells to B and AB groups. Compared with those with group 0, those with B-group have a 11% higher risk of developing heart disease.

A Harvard University study found that women with AB or B blood group had a higher risk of developing ovarian cancer. But we also have good news for those with B group. Those with B-group have 50,000 times more beneficial bacteria in the body than A or O group.

From the ketsueki-ready point of view, people with B blood group are passionate, have an active and creative nature and strength of character. On the other hand, these people are sometimes selfish, irresponsible, unforgiving and chaotic.

If you have blood group AB

Those with blood group AB have both antigens A and B on the surface of red cells, but do not have antibodies A or B in the plasma. If you have a positive AB group, you are a universal plasma donor.

It was found that those with blood group AB had a higher risk of 23% developing heart disease than those with group 0. Group AB may double the likelihood that a pregnant woman will suffer from blood pressure.

An interesting study revealed that those with the AB group had a 82% higher chance of having those with other groups developing cognitive difficulties. The areas concerned are memory, language and attention.

Researchers believe that the protein is known as “coagulation factor VIII”.

“Because factor VIII levels are closely related to the blood group, there may be a link between the latter and cognitive difficulties,” said study author Mary Cushman.

Ketsueki-ready says that if you have the AB group, you are a relaxed person, mastered, rational and adaptable, with a strong critical sense. Those with the AB group are also undecided, forgetful and somewhat irresponsible.

If you have blood group 0

If you have group 0, you do not have either antigens A or B on the surface of red cells, but you have both antibodies A and B in plasma. Positive is the most common blood group.The negative one is the group of universal donors, which means that people with this group can donate red cells to anyone.

For those with blood group 0, the positive aspects are mixed with the negative ones. If you have group 0, you’re more exposed to the ulcer – and, believe it or not, more exposed to the tearing of Achilles tendon .

You also have a greater risk of cholera. The good news is that those with group 0 have a lower risk of getting pancreatic cancer and dying from malaria.

That being said, if you have group 0, it is twice as likely to attract mosquitoes than those with group A. If you have group 0, ketsueki-ready suggests that you are a confident, determined person with a strong will and intuition.

Unfortunately, you can also be a selfish, cold, unpredictable person. But, after all, who is not that sometimes?

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