What happens when you fall asleep with makeup, you will not make this mistake after knowing

What happens when you fall asleep with makeup, you will not make this mistake after knowing



Applying makeup almost every girl loves. Be it any party or function, the women of beautiful appearance make up with great vigor. But sometimes after returning late from a party or function, you often fall asleep without removing makeup due to fatigue. Let me tell you that by doing so – inadvertently you are causing great damage to your skin. Sleeping with makeup can make you feel heavy.

During the day, your skin remains in protection mode. During the day, skin cells fight pollution and dangerous UV rays, while at night when you are resting, the skin is in repair mode. In this case, if you have makeup on your face, then the skin can suffer a lot of damage. Let’s know what damage can be caused by sleeping with makeup.

रूखी स्किन

Dry skin


Women who sleep only after applying makeup, their skin becomes very dry and lifeless. Actually, makeup absorbs the natural moisture of your skin, which makes your skin and lips look lifeless. Not only that, women who do not remove makeup at night, they start to look old before time.

आंखों का संक्रमण

Eye infection

If you do not remove iMakeup at night, it increases the risk of dyes, redness, itching and even infection in the eyes to a great extent. Actually, while sleeping, you sometimes rub your eye or parts of the makeup go into the eyes and the chemicals present in them damage the eyes. In this case, for better health of the eyes, it is necessary to remove makeup before going to bed at night.


 पिंपल्स की समस्या

Pimples problem

Due to not removing makeup, there are problems of acne on the face. When you do not remove makeup before sleeping at night, it blocks the pores of your skin and then there are many problems in the skin. Not only this, the skin is in repair mode during night and if there is makeup on the face at that time, it will not make your skin healthy and your skin looks lifeless, as well as the problem of spots and pimples etc. Also starts.


पोर्स हो जाते है ब्‍लॉक

Blocks become pores

How important it is for the skin to remain open for the skin. If dust and soil accumulates in the porse, it is scrubbed and cleaned. Overnight makeup can block your skin pores /

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