Wonderful magician is coconut oil, there are so many benefits …

The use of coconut oil has many advantages. This oil rich in many properties is being used for generations for health benefits. Coconut oil is like sabam, which is the body’s own natural oil, which helps to protect scalp from being dry and does not damage hair roots. Take a look at the benefits of getting coconut oil …

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* Coconut oil works as a natural moisturizer for the skin, removes dead skin and retains color, since it has no side effects, it can be used in skin diseases, dermatitis, eczema and skin burn. Coconut oil also helps in removing streach marks, and can also be applied on the lips regularly to prevent lip breaks.

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* Coconut oil is very helpful in making hair thick, long and shiny. Doing head massage with just five minutes of coconut oil not only increases blood circulation, but also replaces the lost nutrients; regular massage of coconut oil does not cause hair in the hair.

* Keeping coconut oil in the mouth for about 20 minutes after spitting, the problems of mouth pesticides and gums are removed. Do this at least three times a week for healthy gums.

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* Coconut oil is used to reduce arthritis, joint pain due to bile growth in Ayurveda. It improves the ability to absorb calcium and magnesium in bones.

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In ‘Hinduja Healthcare Surgical’ team leader Dietian Indrayani Pawar has told these things about the benefits of coconut oil:



* Weight can also be reduced by using coconut oil. In the oil extracted from fresh coconut, there is more medium chain fatty acids (70-85 percent) than other coconut oils. Medium chain fatty acids are easily oxidized lipids and are not stored in adipose tissue. Thus, coconut oil mainly containing medium chain fatty acids is helpful in weight loss.

* Coconut oil is a rich source of antimicrobial lipids like liqueur acid and capric acid, which are antifungal and antibacterial.


* Coconut oil is better in cooking. Its oil is less vulnerable to oxidation, which makes it the safest to cook.

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