Model: Black Box (did not replace knowledge with faith?)

Our world is becoming complex all the time and round the clock. This is inevitable and unquestionable. White and Black, Good and Bad, Right and Wrong All this was removed by more complex systems that left the vast majority of people in complete darkness or ignorance.

With the rapid and complex development of the world around us, the quantitative space of what we know all the time is diminishing, and we are referring to this science that we understand and consolidate in our minds. Recently, specifically in the 1980s, professors were trying hard to explain how the computer processed data through their students’ double code system. But the vast majority of people today use smartphones, tablets, and even digital ones for granted, without real recognition or full understanding of what goes on inside these devices. What if a world of genetic codes tried to explain to us the minutes of this science? Certainly, many of us will underestimate the complexities of the human body, and it will not be long before we know that we are completely ignorant of what this world is trying to explain.

We are always surrounded by “black boxes” of knowledge – complex systems – that we do not fully understand even if they are explained to us. As a rule, we can not understand what goes on inside these black boxes of knowledge, but this does not prevent us from taking into account the data we put into these boxes, and the outputs of them, and even integrate them into our daily and fateful decisions in some cases. Which means that the time we spend and we believe in these black boxes and the complexity of the complex is increasing. The result is that we attach greater importance to those who can explain these black boxes to us in a simplified way than those who are actually trying to explain them.

So in the future, persuading people with images and feelings will become natural rather than debates and debates.

Michael Kruggers and Roman Chapeler

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